Coping Mechanisms

Facing Giants with God Substitutes

God Substitutes

When difficulties come your way, do you rely on your family, friends, money, career or health? Or is there something else? These things are not inherently bad. However, if we look to these God Substitutes to support us in the…
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Blessings Over Leeky Onions


After spending some 400 years as slaves in Egypt, the Israelites spent another 40 years wandering in the desert. In the end, that generation of God’s chosen people were not permitted to enter the Promise Land. “So we see that…
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Hungry Staplers Provoking Anxiety


As I was preparing to face another work week, I had this overwhelming sense of anxiety that I was about to face a den of lions, much like Daniel in the Old Testament, under King Darius’ reign. My anxiety was…
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