The curveball shows up a lot in life. Let me help you practice your skills for the next game.


Life can throw us a curveball.  Can you land a successful catch when it does?  The Three R’s in this article can help you win the game.

Curveballs usually take us by surprise.  No matter how a curveball is thrown, you need to eventually catch it in order to win the game.  I will help you identify key skills which could affect your game scorecard.  Here you will learn how to make a triumphant catch from the Three R’s thus eliminating the negative feelings in the pit of your stomach by the sight of a curveball careening toward you.

My curveball pitch

My curveball came in the form of a handful of odd symptoms that just wouldn’t quit.  Confusion, horribly painful stomach cramps, dark brown urine, inability to urinate and dull pains circling my belly button rounded out the list.  The curveball pitch was screwed up so much and was released from the pitcher’s hand so fast that I decided to go to the urgent care clinic closest to my house.



As my ball rolls on

The doctor at the urgent care clinic pronounced the ER was my next stop.  Before I left the tiny examining room, the doctor in her thick Russian accent said acute appendicitis or kidney stones could be the source of my medical problems.

On the way to the ER, I wondered which surgery could be worse, an appendectomy or kidney stones.  I was able to leave a urine specimen shortly after five minutes in the ER waiting room unlike the three failed attempts at the clinic.

About eight hours and five prescriptions later, I was discharged and diagnosed with a bacterial infection of my large intestines.

It took a day or two following my visit to the hospital to lose the confusion.  At that point, I eagerly took the time to research my diagnosis and the antibiotics I am continuing to take. Since that ER trip, I have been taking 2100 mg of two different antibiotics a day.  I was a very sick gal.



My curveball catch

In order to make a successful catch of my curveball, I used the Three R’s.


The first R is recognizing a curveball.  They can come from anywhere.  The curveball can originate from:

  1. family and friends;
  2. employment status;
  3. health;
  4. beliefs; as well as
  5. hobbies and activities.


Once you resolve where the curveball originated, next you make plans on how to catch it.

  1. Get some rest.
  2. Spend some alone time meditating and praying.
  3. Talk to a good friend.
  4. Study scripture.
  5. Seek counsel from a professional.



The last R is to realize you are a human being and you can make mistakes, too.

  1. Pull the covers over your head. It will be there when you are ready.
  2. Look for the lesson in the situation.
  3. Allow yourself grace when looking at the whole picture.
  4. It is impossible to please everybody.
  5. Live for an audience of One.
  6. Celebrate because you are still alive!


Game Over

Curveballs can be like herding cats without an enclosure to contain them.  Be sure to have a plan prior to the ball screaming towards you.  I have given you the Three R’s to help you navigate some potentially tough times in your life.




My successful curveball catch…not yet

There are nine innings in a baseball game.  I think I am around the eighth inning.  There are still days worth of antibiotics left to take.  The stomach and feet bloating from the massive level of antibiotics are having a negative effect on me.

Call to Action

What was a memorable curveball that you experienced?  Was it a successful catch?  Why or why not?  Drop me a line below in the comments section and give me your ways of making a successful catch.


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