21 Days of Motivation to Help You Lose Weight


Losing or maintain a healthy weight is often difficult for people who suffer from a mental illness. There is something within the brain chemistry that puts up road blocks to making the best decisions for your health.

In my most recent Psych Central Blog post, I discuss 21 different activities that have helped me get my move-on. As someone with bipolar 1, I have always struggled with motivation. Somedays, I hardly have the motivation to get out of bed, take a shower, take my medicine or text a friend.

It is difficult to explain. But the anti-motivation reminds me of a gigantic magnetic force holding me back from the activities I want, love or need to do.

The astounding truth is there is proof walking, for instance for a sustained period of time can help someone with a mental disorder.

I have always enjoyed ‘activity’ from the time I was a little girl with my first bicycle. Even when I am struggling with motivation, I know deep down that exercising is imperative for strong mental health. I pray this article detailing 21 different ways to motivate you to move, will inspire you to achieve your goals.


Have fun moving!