Mental Health

Schizophrenia Myths Part 1


Schizophrenia myths cause trouble for the person with the mental illness as well as the community at large.  There is about one percent of the population that have schizophrenia.  This mental illness is well known across the county. At the…
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Is bipolar an excuse for bad behavior?

bipolar an excuse

The question above, “is bipolar an excuse for bad behavior?” obviously is a very tricky subject to nail down and dissect.  I know what you are thinking.  Am I qualified to speak with authority on this touchy topic?  Well…my diagnosis…
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Someone to understand

How to understand someone

Sometimes all we need is for someone to understand what we are going through.  No words.  No changing the subject.  Instead, a hand on the shoulder.  A hug.  Smile.  Touch on the hand.  Don’t try to give me advice.  Do…
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Life Conquering is now an “Award Winning Blog”

Top 100 Bipolar Blog

CONGRATS are in order for Life Conquering Blog for Mental Illness!  I have been accepted into the Top 100 Bipolar Disorder Blogs.  Please visit the website at  Life Conquering Blog is #73.  I want to thank all my Followers for…
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Living with bipolar depression

depression symptoms

Yes, I will admit I am experiencing bipolar depression.  A lot of things have been going on in my life which have contributed to a blah mood.  I have had some personal situations; a huge gap growing between me and…
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Bipolar Depression and Adult AD/HD

bipolar depression and adult AD/HD

Bipolar depression and Adult AD/HD can be difficult to deal with.  Bipolar Depression places you in a pool of uncertainty, lifelessness and apathy.  As I type this blog post,the enemy, lifelessness, is slowing my productivity to a snail’s pace.  I…
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Mental health blog expanding its resources

mental health blog

Mental Health Blog I have added onto Life Conquering’s resources that it offers.  All of these resources are in line with the organization’s mission statement.  The mission statement of this mental health blog is to encourage those people who have a…
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