How do you deal with a bipolar brain that is made of Laffy Taffy?

bipolar Laffy Taffy

Bipolar can be fickle

Well, this morning has been successful in one way and a total failure in another in bipolar land.  I was able to type a draft last night for Blasting News where I am a contributing author.  I just got an email indicating that my article I submitted is being published.  Ya-hooo!

On the flip side I just tried to edit a blog I also drafted last night and get it read for publishing today.  I can’t tell if I have two different topics or just one or five.  It feels as if I am walking through a corridor of Laffy Taffy.  I just feel like this blog is all sticky and I am unable to fight through the bands of taffy in order to see clearly.

A day I didn’t see coming

Have you ever had a day like that?  Hmmm.  It happens to all of us.  We feel inadequate at our job because we feel like we have just forgotten the entire manual on their job.  While waiting tables you break almost every coffee cup you touch.  The copier is jammed every time you go to use it.  You just now noticed you have a coffee stain in a very prominent place on your suit.  And the meeting you are chairing is set for five minutes from now.

Life happens, doesn’t it?  On these days I usually can’t get a topic to write about.  My words do not flow.  And if I were to look at the main ideas coming from my head down my arms to my fingers to type onto the laptop, it would look like a game of Pick-up Sticks.  Just ideas going all over the place, intersecting in bizzare places.


On these days, I want to give up.  At least that is what I used to do.  I gave up.  I too a nap.  I chatted on social media.  I did everything except address the problem.  Now I want to F.I.G.H.T.!  No more wimping out.  I am resolved not to let this mental illness get the best of me.

Just now as I write this blog about fighting against the battles of life, I am sleepy from staying up later than usual.  I would like to take a nap.  However, I know all the work that needs to be done will swirl around in my brain, keeping me from sleep.

Stay in the game

As you go about your day, whether you have a mental illness or have a flat tire on the side of the road, FIGHT to stay in the game.  Don’t check out!  You have a lot to learn from yourself today.  But if you you don’t fight, that is okay too.  There is always tomorrow.

A Call To Action

If you have a success story or a failure story where you learned to FIGHT and as a result learned something from it, please email.  I would love to read the story as well as the lesson learned.

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