Amy’s Author List

Author List

Below is an author list I use as a mental health speaker and writer including books that I recommend which have been instrumental in my healing and spiritual growth.

Amy’s Author List

Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D. – “The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook” (I have the 4th edition)

Susannah Cahalan – “Brain on Fire – My Month of Madness”

Terri Cheney – “Manic – A Memoir”

Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend – “Boundaries”

Karon Phillip Goodman – “Pursued by the Shepherd”

Lisa Harper – “Untamed”

Liz Curtis Higgs – any of her “Bad Girls” series and “Mad Mary”

Kyle Idleman – ANY book

Kay Redfield Jamison – “An Unquiet Mind – A Memoir of Moods and Madness”

Mary A. Kassian – “Knowing God by Name” (this is a Bible Study)

W. Phillip Keller – “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23”

Heather Kopp – “Sober Mercies”

Annie Lobert – “Fallen”

Max Lucado – ANY book

Kelly Minter – “No Other Gods” and “Ruth” (these are Bible Studies)

Beth Moore – “Praying Gods Word” and podcasts.  I find it easier to take Beth in little bits at a time.

John Ortberg – “If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get out of the Boat”

Shonda Rhimes – “Year of Yes”

Pricilla Shirer – “One in a Million” and “Discerning the Voice of God”

Sheila Walsh – “God Loves Broken People”

Janet G. Woititz, Ed.D. – “Adult Children of Alcoholics”

If you are contemplating hurting yourself, click on this.


Mental Health Outreach

Mental Health Outreach

Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach focuses on encouraging and educating the community and beyond about mental health.  Through Life Conquering’s blogs, articles, talks, and individual discussions, each have all developed into a vessel to demonstrate how Jesus takes care of me in my bipolar 1 mess.  I am not only working to destroy stigma in our offices and schools, I am fighting to destroy stigma in the church.  How do I do that?  It is simple.  Open up a discussion and speak the truth in love.

Mental Health Outreach Speaker – LCTalks

I speak about the topic I am most passionate about. My heart quickens whenever I hear, speak, or write about mental health outreach.  One reason is I have a mental illness.  Another reason, I know just how difficult it is to live with scrambled eggs for a brain.

Mental Health Speaker

Mental Health Speaker

Life Conquering – A Mental Health Outreach speaks at schools, community events, churches, hospitals, police departments, businesses, conferences, law offices, Bible studies, retreats, military bases, your office and pretty much anywhere else I am needed and can help.

Topics I might discuss at these sessions are:

  • my personal story as someone with bipolar 1 with psychotic features, mixed episodes/ultra-rapid cycling, ADHD, OCD, GAD, and social anxiety (I will take questions from the audience);
  • stigma – what it is and where we see it (this is a great time to do small group discussions);
  • your part – how can you decrease stigma in your world?
  • proper accommodations in the workplace/academic setting, (brainstorm in small groups various ideas to help people with a mental illness feel comfortable at work/school);
  • are schools preparing MI students for what awaits for them at the job site?  Why/why not?
  • famous people with mental illnesses (who do you know?  How has that celebrity impacted or hindered the fight against stigma?  Speak honestly about celebrity suicide);
  • how to talk with your boss, teacher, mentor, spouse, friend and children about your mental illness (brainstorm ideas);
  • the pros and cons of abusing the accommodations that are/should be afforded to you at work or school.  (discussion in small groups); and
  • share with them my brush with suicide as a middle school student and as an adult  (open up for discussion).
Mental Health Speaker

Mental Health Speaker


I have been living in this bipolar 1 body for over 20 years.  Therefore, I have first-hand experience of the roller coaster which includes manic and depressed episodes daily if not hourly, plus some psychoses so bad that I wanted to kill myself, and social anxiety where I have not been able to go to church.

Mental Health Speaker

Mental Health Speaker

Having a front-row seat all these years to mental illness, I make an excellent choice to come to speak at your meeting about mental health advocacy and stigma. I can listen to the audience’s concerns, share general information, talk about how to get help and coping mechanisms.

Hire me to be your Mental Health Speaker

I would love to come to your place of business or meet you at Starbucks and discuss my passion to change the world’s view on this overly misunderstood topic one person at a time.  Just email me at  Together with knowledge and a caring heart, we will be able to tear down the walls of stigma!

Life Conquering is an award-winning blog. 

“Top 100 Bipolar Blogs”

“2018 and 2019 Best Bipolar Disorder Blogs”

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Contributing Author

Psych Central

ADDitude Blog

Blasting News

The Mighty

Print Magazine Guest Writer

Today’s Christian Living


Print magazine and website

  • “Strength in Weakness” (bipolar) published in the October/November 2015 Vol. 53 No. 6 issue on page 40
  • “Praying Through Fear” (anxiety) published in the November 2017 Vol. 52 No. 6 issue on page 50

Public Speaking Events

Pinterest and Popcorn

A Women’s Ministry Activity at my church to share ideas and to fellowship.

  • Introduced Life Conquering
  • Shared information to educate on mental health
  • Spoke individually with the women and ministered to them

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study

  • Introduced Life Conquering
  • Shared information to educate on mental health
  • Spoke individually with the women and ministered to them
  • Shared my life with bipolar 1

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