11 rarely known signs of depression

depression symptoms

Depression isn’t just over-blown sadness.  It is complicated.  It consists of a mix of well-known symptoms as well as not-so-well-known.  In the United States, almost one in 12 adults report having depression.  Women are twice as likely as their counterparts to be depressed.  With this mental illness, usually comes life-issues, for instance, work.  Out of the adults who have this illness, 50 percent of them, explained they had trouble with work, social life and home life due to the symptoms.  30 percent from that survey alleged to experience “moderate” to extreme difficulty”.

rare depression symptoms

rare depression symptoms

Experiencing depression

From my wedding in 2006 to the following December 2007, I was in the biggest depression of my life.  At that time, I was a completely different person.  I am still battling depression but not like that year.  Those months leading up to my first psychiatrist appointment were brutally painful.  Here I had just spent a decade in mania that was so powerful that I do not remember suffering any depression.

I laid around the house during that year of depression, unable to do anythingMy job as a middle school teacher wore me down something awful to the point that I was useless at home to my husband and my dogs.  Cooking was like caring a small fire in your hand while climbing Mt. Everest.  Laundry was akin to being swallowed whole by a big fish.  The effort to bring work home from school was practically futile since nothing would get done.

Need to be willing to learn

In order for me to know that what I was undergoing was depression, I needed to learn.  I spoke with professionalsRead a ton of books and on the internet. I wrote down what I was feeling every day and got feedback from family and friends.

depression symptoms

depression symptoms

 11 rare depression symptoms

  1. Anger and irritability

Many men will display their depression in crankiness, grouchiness or anger.  So what?  Everybody gets angry.  True.  The intensity the depressed person experiences and reacts to are far more intense and lasts longer than any person without a mental illness.

  1. Sleeping patterns change

Sleeping too little, too much Broken sleepRestless sleepDifficulty sleepingGoing back to bed after a partner leaves for work.

depression symptoms

depression symptoms

  1. Forgetfulness and trouble concentrating

I can completely relate!  That is me all the time!   If it is a thought and can be forgotten, it will be forgotten by the person who is depressed.

Likewise with concentration.

  1. Beating yourself up

Their defect self-talk is all negative.  Doubt.  Lack of self-confidence.

  1. Drinking and drugs

“Drowning your sorrows.”  The drugs and drinking could become a habit that once was not there or an uptick in the regular abuse.

  1. Feeling numb

Inability to feel affectionate or grieve a loss.  When my Granny passed away, I was numb and had no feeling at all.  Ironically enough, I was unable to grieve because I was depressed.

  1. Trouble starting your internal engine and getting started

Difficulty getting out of bed, going to work, starting on projects, cleaning, exercising or getting the kids ready for going to church.

  1. Changes in eating

Eating too much or not at all.  Bingeing and purging.  Barely eating.

  1. Not showing up

Disappearance from people and regular hangouts, is a sign of problems.

  1. Anxiety

Unnecessary worrying.

  1. Passive thoughts of dying

There is a difference between regular thoughts on dying and abnormal thoughts.  That difference is the abnormal thoughts are thought all the time.  Like an obsession.

depression symptoms

depression symptoms


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