ADHD in Adults – How do I find a therapist near me?

ADHD in Adults

Dealing with ADHD, (or fill in the blank), plus the demands of work, car pool and and the bake sale Saturday is difficult to handle even one at a time.  Sometimes you need help getting through the day or just getting out of bed.  A therapist provides tools to cope with your mental illness and the rest of life that comes with it.  Do you have a therapist?  Sometimes it is inconceivable to talk to anyone about your your ADHD.  After all it is embarrassing to lose your concentration at a department meeting while it is your meeting.  Therapists can be a key factor in your recovery.  Please look at How do I find a therapist near me? to help you get started.

ADHD Symptoms

ADHD is a tough disorder to deal with as a kid as well as an adult.  If you are an adult with ADHD who has been recently diagnosed, you need to find a therapist ASAP.  See the link above to obtain more information.

This mental illness is not the same for everybody who has it.  However, there are some symptoms which overlap and mirror other symptoms.  Here is an abbreviated list of the symptoms you may encounter.  If you are not touched by the disorder yourself, here are some signs so you may help a loved one or a friend.

  • Unable to concentrate
  • Unable to pay attention
  • Difficulty getting organized
  • Inability to plan
  • Difficulty solving problems
  • Inability to control your own emotions
ADHD - organized

ADHD – organized


I had no idea I had ADHD until my psychologist brought it up.  Apparently the complaints I had like: unable to plan; lack of concentration; paying attention; and the inability to solve problems were sure signs of this disorder; as well as not capable of reading a book or watch TV.  I was a walking advertisement for Adult ADHD.

For me, concentrating is one of the hardest skills to do with this mental illness.  The lack of concentration crept up on me when I worked  desk jobs and now as a writer.  The inability to pay attention has many similarities to that of concentrating.  It does not matter the activity.  I can talk on the phone, work on the computer or talk to someone face to face, I go space cadet or fall asleep.

The importance of a therapist

Adults with ADHD find it extremely difficult to stay awake, alert, sufficiently aroused and activated to continue their concentration when things are not interesting or no immediate excitement or payoff.  This in turns causes them not to pay attention.  Having these brain issues that might slow you down at home or at work, your therapist will be able to give you coping skills to compensate for the loss of focus or concentration and the inability to stay organized.  In order to find a therapist near you, go to the link above, and take a look around on their website for information.


ADHD – alertness


The difficulty to organize is liken to climbing Mt. Everest with a goat on your back. It can be done, you just have to work above and beyond to achieve your goals.  Try to see your therapist as your trainer/coach for the climb.  He or she will give you ideas to respond when the ADHD gets out of control or tries to take over.

When I was a teacher to middle school students, I was the Queen of Organization.  Nobody could beat me in the organization relay race among the teachers and staff.  Toward the end of my career, though, as a teacher I started losing that organization relay race as the ADHD grew and developed in my brain..



Where do you turn?

Like I said at the beginning, having ADHD is really, really hard.  Many times family and friends cannot understand or grapple with the ADHD you are experiencing.  If you have a mental illness, such as ADHD you need professional help  With my mental illness, I try to go to Jesus first for help and comfort.  He sticks closer than a brother.  He will never leave me nor forsake me.  If he doesn’t take the symptom away, He will walk with me through it, never letting go of my hand.

You could also go to your therapist  If you need help finding a local therapist, go to the link at the top of this page.  Sometimes when my ADHD ramps up, I believe it is time to see my psychiatrist and let him adjust my meds.


Please post comments in the section below or email me at: [email protected].  I would love to know what your experiences have been with Adult ADHD.  And how you were able to cope.


“Taking Charge of Adult ADHD” by Russell A. Barkley, PhD with Christine M. Benton

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