Social anxiety stress reliever for the holidays

social anxiety

According to a holiday survey in 2015, 70 % of millennials admitted to a mental health service they have social anxiety.  This is more than any other age group as reported in Fortune.  Joyable, an online mental health service, presented that 54 % of adult Americans experience social anxiety.  56 % of this group say social events such as holiday parties cause this type of anxiety as reported by Joyable.

social anxiety


This may sound like your typical wallflower.  It has more impactful consequences than just someone who is shy.  Joyable brings up a scary statistic.  38% of our social anxiety sufferers will use alcohol to make it through holiday parties.

The young adults of our society who suffer with this sort of anxiety rely on social media to get through a holiday party as discussed by Fortune.  When these adults go to holiday parties, they say their crutch is their smartphone.

Stress relievers for social anxiety

This holiday season, we are looking at a breathing technique known as square breathing.  No matter what your stress level, you might be able to benefit from this very easy exercise to help get your breathing under control.

Let me introduce you to square breathing

When you feel the social anxiety rise up and begin to get out of control at a holiday party, do the following:

  1. In your surroundings, find something square. A TV, a coffee table, a door, a fence, a billboard, sidewalk, a picture frame, a present, a serving dish, etc.
  2. Start your eyes at the top left corner of your square and move horizontally to the right while inhaling.
  3. Make sure your movements are slow along with your breath.
  4. Once you are at the upper right corner, move your eyes down while exhaling.
  5. Breathe in from bottom corner right to left.
  6. Next breathe out from the bottom left to top right.
  7. Continue doing this exercise, slowing down your breath.
  8. You can repeat several rounds or two-five minutes.
  9. You can start it over again if you feel the stress is coming back.
  10. You can even move your eyes in the opposite direction.
social anxiety


This can help obviously with social anxiety as well as any anxiety that has its hold on you.  If you use this technique to bring you peace and calm during a stressful holiday situation, email me at or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter and let me know your experience.


“Relieve Stress – 20 Quick Techniques” by Katrin Schubert, M.D.

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