Bipolar Roller Coaster: Nineteen Jobs since College

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Bipolar Roller Coaster – WEEE!

Today is day five after quitting my nineteenth job since college. When I was in my twenties, single and on the bipolar roller coaster, I quit a lot of jobs simply because I liked the risks involved and did not care about the consequences. My mental illness created a thrill for job hopping, lust for the challenge of conquering an interview and the excitement of starting all over again. However, as I look back at the jobs I had as a paralegal and a middle school teacher, my decisions to quit were not out of thrill seeking. I was leaving those careers so I could take care of my mental and physical health.

The Fruit of the Spirit Trumps Bipolar Roller Coaster

I have had mixed responses recently when I told people I have bipolar. I get that.  Normal people do not think mentally ill people are “normal looking”.

To keep me somewhat stable, of course I am on a medicine cabinet full of pills.  I also see my psychiatrist and psychologist on a regular basis.  I am so blessed to have the Holy Spirit within me. One of His fruit is self-control. If I did not have the Holy Spirit, I would probably be divorced, homeless or in jail.  THANK YOU GOD FOR YOUR GRACE!

What is next on the Bipolar Roller Coaster?

I really want to be a freelance writer. I want to continue my mission with Life Conquering full time.  Life Conquering exists to encourage people with a mental illness through my journey as well as teach others about mental illnesses and to tear down the walls of stigma.

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