Suicide: Climbing Your Way Out of the Darkness

PTSD Signs of Suicide in Children and Teens

Just this past week, I had suicidal ideations. What that means, I had thoughts of suicide. I even had a plan that I could see in my mind and I could rehearse the act over and over again. I texted my psychologist and he called me, being very concerned. I felt as if this were no big deal, partly because I was also swinging to the other pole, hypomania. I was going like 90 at work. Barely stopping long enough to breathe!

While my psychologist was trying to push me to call my psychiatrist for a medicine adjustment or I think even a referral to the mental hospital, he reminded me of one of the cornerstone symptoms of bipolar which is risky behavior. I am no stranger to risky behavior. I can see that if I did not get help, I could, on a whim, attempt my suicide plan.

I did not call my psychiatrist because I know for a fact that he does not want to adjust my medication. Plus he has said he does not know what to do with my medicine in regards to my episodes. Then, I was afraid he would write an order for the mental hospital. All I could think of were my responsibilities not being met if I were to be admitted to the hospital. I felt like I could not take time out of my life to focus on getting me healthy.

Two days away from that crazy day, I am feeling better now. I learned some things from all this. I learned that I have a very caring and very supportive psychologist. I learned that my mental health is more important than a job. I learned that suicide can be very alluring. When I thought about my plan, it seemed almost poetic. I need some people that I can lean on to help me when I am in a crisis. I did have my one friend who also has bipolar 1 and is a therapist who kept texting with me that day. She gave me telephone numbers to call for help. She encouraged me the entire time to get help from somewhere. I learned I desperately need to take time for myself.

I know suicide is a difficult subject to talk about, but you need to have knowledge about it so you can help someone who might need a friend. You also need to have the knowledge about suicide because you may be the one who needs the help.

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Here are some links to websites with helpful information on suicide.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday