Texting during classes at school can save students’ lives

mental health and schools

Mental health and schools is a hot topic everywhere.  The estimated number of school psychologists for every 1,381 students in a U.S. public school is one.  Looking back, there were 482 students for every one counselor just four years ago.  The National Association of School Nurses revealed only 39 percent of the private and public schools combined were staffed with full-time nurses.

And we have had 290 school shootings over the past five years?  Where was the mental health and schools then?  Who do children go to when they have mental health issues if they do not go to mom or dad?  What is the face of mental health and schools?

mental health and schools

mental health and schools

“1 in 5 children and youth have a diagnosable emotional, behavioral or mental health disorder, and 1 in 10 young people have a mental health challenge that is severe enough to impair how they function at home, school or in the community.”  I believe mental health and schools should come together.

Have I convinced you yet that we have a huge problem providing mental health treatment to our sons and daughters?

Just in case I have not presented a strong enough case: parents, there have been 290 school shootings since 2013.  This includes “accidental discharges of firearms, after-hours fights between adults in a school parking lot and suicides.”  Since 2013, the count stands at 6 adults and 35 children killed.  Plus there were 12 adults and 92 children injured.  Are our children stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Need attention?  Yes. Yes. Yes.

mental health and schools

mental health and schools

Although, when the authorities call in the grief counselors, it is already too late.  Will it be your son or daughter?

Is there a solution to these atrocities?

On May 1, 2018, three school districts in Illinois launched a new mental health and schools support service for middle and high school students.  The initiative is referred to as “support4u”.

The support system enacted a cell phone app where the students could text a licensed mental health professional.  Students can make contact electronically any time of day for help with mental health issues.

In the event a student has an emergency and reaches out to someone through the app, the mental health professional has the means to contact the authorities.


The Illinois school districts have seen an uptick in the number of students with mental health issues.  Counselors have encountered eight students who were contemplating suicide; 22 students presented self-harm which was up from seven the previous year.

I believe this information strongly demonstrates students are in desperate need of mental health care.  If the schools did not have that app and the students did not use it, how many of the students would have died by suicide?  What about the self-harm kids?  Self-harm can lead to suicide and will make long-lasting scars.

mental health and schools

mental health and schools

Call to action

What should you do as a parent?  There is a lot of work ahead.

  1. Talk to your kids. Hug them.  Let them know you are there for them.  And mean it.
  2. Go to your school’s PTA and take this blog with you.
  3. Discuss the stats and pros and cons.
  4. Talk to all the parents you know.
  5. Talk to the principal.
  6. Discuss the stats and pros and cons.
  7. Go to the superintendent.
  8. Discuss the stats and pros and cons.
  9. Go to a board meeting and present your case.
  10. Take it to the media electronic, print and sound.
  11. Don’t give up!

Email me!

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