Mental illness guns ruin lives. Do you agree? Link to opinion letter included.

mental illness guns ruin lives

This morning, I was doing research for another blog I write for and stumbled upon the attached opinion letter.  The letter is not from my hometown.  It is a letter straight out of the local newspaper in Auburn, New York.  I do not want to tell you my opinion because I do not want to taint yours.

I will encourage you to look out for the following when you read the short letter:

  • mental illness myths;
  • gun myths;
  • does the author have a firm grasp of the Second Amendment;
  • did the author of the letter present, truthfully, both sides?
  • what did she leave out?

I would love to hear from my mental health advocates their opinions on the contents of this letter. The author of the opinion letter made some pretty harsh comments concerning mental illness guns and the world we live in. Please use the comments section to share your thoughts.  Or you may email me at

mental illness guns ruin lives

mental illness guns ruin lives



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