Alcohol and Anxiety

Alcohol and Anxiety

How Does Alcohol Effect Anxiety?

The occasional use and moderate consumption of alcohol can smooth over any jitters you may have. However, these benefits are overshadowed by the downsides of alcohol’s effects on someone with anxiety.

The Effects of Alcohol and Anxiety

1.      Alcohol does a good job at impairing memory, balance, judgment as well as analytical thinking. These impairments can leave one feeling vulnerable and anxious.

2.      While drinking, one may feel calm. But the next morning, a tsunami of panic washes over concerning the evening’s indulgences and what might have happened.

3.      If one should use alcohol on a regular basis, it can lead to a deep sense of sadness and in some cases panic attacks.

4.      Anxiety becomes part of the addiction cycle. The person does not want to feel the anxiety, so they keep drinking.

Reference: Helgoe, Laurie PhD, et al. The Anxiety Answer Book pg. 18.

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