Welcome to Life Conquering! The name of this blog pretty much sums up what God has done for me for nearly four decades. God has been there through thick and thin helping me to conquer many of life’s battles.

I am married with two “children” of the four-legged canine kind. Although I have my Master’s degree in K-12 Administration, I no longer teach. Currently, I work as an office manager and paralegal for a law firm. I am an adult child of an alcoholic. In my 30’s, I was diagnosed with bipolar I with psychotic features.

Although the road has proven tough at times, I can attest that God has been faithful on countless occasions. He heard my cries to Him in the midst of sorting through the painful baggage of my childhood and managing my mental illness.

Through my struggles, I have learned that in order to conquer life’s battles, you need to have something more substantial than the latest advice from the self-help section at the bookstore. You need a Person in whom you can place your complete trust. A Person who will go the distance with any and every battle you face and still be there for you the next day to do it all over again. I found that Person to be Jesus Christ. He listens when I call out without judging me because of my past or my current mental state of mind. He also gives me strength to conquer life’s battles.

I pray that the words of the Life Conquering blog will help you find encouragement for your walk in the everyday battles and will bring you closer to knowing Him.

You can also find me on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4J-hsMv95TiLhUdpp9Zpqg

In Christ,




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