Effects of Anxiety

effects of anxiety

Effects of Anxiety

The effects of anxiety on the body are widespread. From your brain to your intestine, anxiety’s effects plays a huge role in the wear and tear on the body. Below are a few examples:

A Physical Toll

Tension headaches, gastrointestinal symptoms and higher blood pressure can all affect your body. There are studies that show where anxiety has the ability to change the brain’s structure, too. I have had all three of these body ailments. I have a blood pressure machine at home to monitor my blood pressure in case if it goes up again. I have a growing list of foods I cannot eat because of my sensitive gastrointestinal symptoms. On occasion, I get headaches that force me to lie down.

A Toll on your Kids

The effects of anxiety also takes a toll on your children.  If you are a parent, you will more than likely have anxious children, part of this is because of genetics. Another reason is because of “monkey see, monkey do”. Children learn by observation. They can be so anxious that they are unable to concentrate in school.

Weight Gain

The effects of anxiety reaks havoc on your waiste line, too.  Stress and anxiety increases the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol increases fat storage in the abdominal area increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Stress also leads to increased eating. I have gained about 90 lbs. and I know it isn’t all due to the medication I am taking and the depression I have experienced. I know I eat when I am stressed. I do it all the time. I now try to pray before I eat anything that I am not supposed to eat for help to refrain from eating.

More Doctor Bills

The effects of anxiety show up in your wallett.  Anxious people tend to visit their doctor more because they often experience worrisome physical symptoms. Also, anxious people often worry a lot about their health. There was a period of time, where I was hopping from one doctor to another to another APRN to another to try to discover what was wrong with me. The internet can be dangerous for a person like me. I like to self-diagnose. Thousands upon thousands of diseases and disorders with detailed symptom at my fingertips! That kind of information does not help my anxiety at all.

Relationship Problems

The effects of anxiety also shows up in your relationships with other people whether you know them or not.  People with anxiety usually feel irritable. Sometimes, they withdraw emotionally or do the opposite and dependently cling to their partners. I do have relationship problems. I have few friends because I have been hiding out.


Anxiety prone people miss more work than other people usually as a way to temporarily conquer their distress. I have stayed home from work on countless occasions because I was a bundle of nerves, thinking that staying home would help. Staying home only helped temporarily because I would have to go back to that same anxiety-provoking environment that next day.


There are ways of dealing with anxiety. It takes time and patience. Please stop by again to see what further information we have on anxiety.

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