Bipolar Symptoms

Bipolar Symptoms

Bipolar Control

For the past nine years, I focused really hard on my bipolar symptoms. Instead of pushing through and making a choice that would benefit me in the long run, I would focus on my bipolar mood and feelings and let them control the situation. If I had all these nine years to do over again, there are many decisions that would have been made differently.

Let me give you an example to help you understand what I mean. I may have plans with a friend on Friday night. I had a lousy week at work, it is raining outside and I am feeling somewhat depressed. I call her up and cancel because I chose to drop my head between my shoulders and wallow in my mood and feelings. I decide my mood and feelings will win out since they are yelling the loudest.

Go with me instead of canceling the dinner with my friend to making a decision to meet her. We eat some great food. The service is excellent. We enjoy each other’s company. I get to unload on my friend about the lousy week I had at work and I talked through why I felt depressed. What a big pick-me-up! That was much better than lying on the couch staring out the window and letting my icky feelings continue to keep building up.

I have so many instances in my past where I wish I prayed about the decision instead of going down the easy path to wallow in my cave of bipolar fear, anxiety, loneliness, inadequacy, unacceptance, weirdness, etc.

Here’s another example: I am feeling bored and lonely which will lead to depression if I am not careful. These two feelings always make me want to eat to fill a false sense of comfort. I raid my purse for change to use in the vending machines. I scan the cupboards at home for chocolate.

Bipolar Comfort

What I know I need is stimulation for my mind and the chance to feel loved and accepted. Like thousands upon thousands of times before, I chose the comfort of food over the comfort and companionship of God or someone else that God might bring into my path.

Options to the Bipolar Control

What I have learned along the way when I am wanting to choose my bipolar, anxiety or my loneliness over the fulfillment of God’s blessings, I try the following:

  1. Praying to God
  2. Meditating
  3. Self-hypnosis
  4. Taking a walk outside
  5. Talking to somebody who will encourage you
  6. Texting somebody who will encourage you
  7. Watch uplifting YouTube videos
  8. Read an uplifting book
  9. Read an uplifting magazine
  10. Surf the Internet for uplifting information

Now, you may think I am oversimplifying the food disorder disease. I know I am not. Why? Because I have an eating disorder too, called overeating. I have struggled with it for all my life and will continue to struggle. A list like this helps me because I am able to stay grounded and focused on the things that matter most and the One who can give me perfect love.

God is in Control

There is a reason why praying to God is number one on this list. Since I have my head screwed on more tightly, I know through experience that when I pray, God has been there to help me with food cravings and a growling stomach. I no longer eat a midafternoon snack like I used to. God has replaced that need for comfort with a sense of accomplishment when I am at my job.

Trust God to get you through whatever the situation whether it is a mental illness like bipolar, or it is cancer, MS, or lupus. Feelings, moods and ingrained beliefs are difficult to fight against. I am not saying that making the decision for God is easy. Focusing on your feelings and moods does sound a lot easier to manage. But you cannot fight them alone. You need God. Call on Him!

If you think you or someone you love has bipolar symptoms, please see a doctor.  Visit the websites below for more information on bipolar disorder.