The Awesome Power of God

The Awesome Power of God

In our technology saturated world, we are bombarded by the latest and greatest gadgets, the fastest computers and the smartest phones. On the big screens, movie producers wow us even more with the technological advances of their special effects. We say “that movie is awesome!” or “that phone took amazing pictures!”

Don’t get me wrong, I want the fastest and the smartest gadgets out there, too. I want to be entertained by Hollywood. However, to describe our technology as “awesome” or “amazing” is to me, a misuse of these words.   “Awesome” and “amazing” were used at one time to describe God and His attributes alone. In a subtle way, these words are describing things that are taking the place of God.

The Bible has plenty of wow-factors that point to God’s awesome power: God parting the Red Sea; God saving Daniel from the lions’ hungry mouths; God preserving Jonah inside the belly of a big fish; the virgin birth; and Jesus rising from the dead.

What about you? I bet you have some wow-factors you can list as well that demonstrates God’s awesome power in your life. A successful job interview which led to a job; a good report from the doctor; a healthy pregnancy; a paycheck that stretched and covered your needs; or someone’s unexpected kindness.

I know I have seen God’s awesome power demonstrated in my own life that displayed His amazing love for me. He rescued me from the pit of sin and destruction; gave me a new life; blessed me with a loving husband; answered countless prayers; and walked beside me through the storms as well as the sunny days.

The next time you are tempted to say “that ___________ is awesome”, think about God being the One and only true Awesome reality.