President Trump and His Mental Capacity to Lead Our Nation – A Bipolar’s Perspective


Trump and his mental acuity

I understand there is a group called the American Psychoanalytic Associates which is focusing on President Trump and his mental state.  Its members believe the President is not fit for the job. Many Americans and politicians have jumped on this bandwagon, too saying that Trump has something mentally wrong.

This is what I know about the APsaA:

  1. They only have 3,700 members;
  2. Not all members are psychiatrists; and
  3. Many of the members have only a degree in psychoanalytics.

The problem I have with the APsaA making a diagnosis of the President, is the people of this organization have not seen the President in a patient-provider capacity. However, 3,700 people of an organization can disregard the conventions of mental health science and diagnose a public figure, thereby influencing the entire nation and our government.

I have bipolar 1 with psychotic features, rapid cycling and mixed episodes

In addition to the above diagnosis, I also have GAD as well as OCD and ADD tendencies.  My diagnosis says a lot about what I face on a daily basis.  That diagnosis required research and experience on the part of my psychiatrist and psychologist.  It also required a keen eye for observing the patient.  You can have the best education there is, but if you do not make observations and one-on-one interviews of the patient your diagnosis means nothing.


Psychiatrist Evaluation

My first diagnosis, I spent 90 minutes with the psychiatrist. I vomited the last 30 years of life out into the air at that first session.  For my second diagnosis, I spent nearly a year with my psychologist, so we had a history established of observations in therapy sessions. He also gave me a formal test called the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI).

My psychologist took the time we spent in his office talking about my illness, an interview he did over the phone and the PAI to analyze me. All this together with his knowledge and wisdom was needed to come up with an accurate diagnosis.

False Diagnoses

So the APsaA came along and slapped a diagnosis on the President without ever meeting him in person or conducting any observations..  What would be the basis of their findings for a diagnosis?  What the media presents to the world?  What the Democrats dig up that they believe is truth?  Come on America, think about it!  Use your head.  Do you not see the bias here?

If my psychiatrist said he was just going to treat me through social media, I would be like what?!  Some people are not their real selves when on social media. I have issues with all the baggage I have plus my mental disorder. I can be one person one minute and a completely different person another minute. I am like a flag flapping in the wind. Who is to say is the real me?

Just like me, President Trump deserves the dignity that is due a human being to be properly mentally assessed, if there is even a reason for the evaluation.

Different Styles of Leadership


President Trump comes from a business background.  The corporate world is totally different from the political arena.  A strong leader like Trump who is used to getting things done, will not approach the job of the President in the same way a career politician would.  Just because he has a different style of leading does not mean he is a mental case.


There is an organization called the American Psychiatric Association (APA).  It is the largest psychiatric organization in the United States and the world.  The 37,000 members agree, if Trump gets evaluated, it should be properly administered by a trained professional. He deserves that right as a citizen of the United States of America.  Period.


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