Promises of God


The Darkness of this World

Even though there are countless promises of God, many of us do not have fond memories of this place called earth. A painful childhood, a rough start as an adult or a string of failures litter the past. Then there are people like me who have different challenges like bipolar, depression, epilepsy, cancer, arthritis and diabetes or weight issues.

The Promises of God

It can be difficult at times to keep your head up when you are constantly battling various struggles promises of God or not. But I have a promise from Jesus. “Let not your heart be troubled. I go to prepare a place for you.” I hear that in this place, there are no more tears! That wipes out that entire list above in one touch of the delete key.


Presently, I have shared that I am in a manic episode. I need less sleep then normal, I have risky behavior, my creativity is at an all-time high, I have inappropriate thoughts and I’m extremely irritable. Other than the irritability, I am enjoying the ride especially since I have been in a depressive state for so long. Needless to say, it is a welcomed change. But, I am scared to death of what will come after the carnival ride and all the circus peanuts and cotton candy. I have been there before. The landing coming in from a high sucks. You just hit the ground and hope you remember to tuck and roll. At these times, the promises of God fly out the window with the parachute.

The one thing that gets me through these drastic ups and downs in my mood that leave me exhausted and suicidal, are the promises of God. From the beginning of the Bible, God never defaulted on any of His promises. He followed through on everything He said. Why would this one promise be any different?

One of the promises of God is to have a new body. I cannot wait to get to heaven and have a clear mind.  No voices talking to each other, no music (I will miss that), no rapid thoughts running into each other and no more tears.

What do you have to hope for?