Keep Your Eye on the Prize


Eyeing What You Want

Do you have a prize you have your eyes set on?  Changing jobs, finding a job, building a butterfly garden in your yard, taking a road trip or resolving a broken friendship?  Whatever it may be, if something is worth fighting for you will put in the extra energy and strength to claim your prize.

The Prize

Anything you see that you feel is worthy of your time and attention will come with a prize.  It could be the satisfaction of meeting a goal, overcoming great odds, surpassing physical or mental barriers, or love.  If the prize is something you want, it will be worth the blood, sweat and tears to go get it.

An Unattainable Prize

After I resigned from teaching a second time, I knew I would never walk into another classroom.  The bipolar had chipped away at the dreams of a career in education as an assistant principal, principal and even possibly a superintendent one day.  It was difficult beyond compare to write a lesson plan.  Let’s face it, if you cannot write a lesson plan, it is going to be a constant struggle to maintain a job as a teacher.  My social anxity prevented me from connecting wiith colleagues and students.  Going to work each morning was a chore because I had such a struggle that I could not function as a teacher.

A New Prize

I needed to find another career that I could actually function in.  I settled on a career as a paralegal.  This new prize from the beginning has stretched me beyond my limits.  In school, studying was nearly impossible because of a medicine I was taking for the bipolar was chipping away at my memory that I would never regain.

When I finally realized my prize, I had no idea just how difficult it would be to function in this career.  My rapid and compulsive thoughts would continuously swirl around work when I got home at night and over the weekends.  My generalized anxiety has kept me from performing basic job fumctions like answer the telephone, talk to my boss, communicate with colleagues.  I cry, a lot.

God is My Prize

But I have been overcoming my struggles here lately.  With God’s help, I am being able to fight the bipolar.  You see, I love my job.  Yes, it is difficult to perform on most days, but I have God as my prize!  If I focused on the daily battles, I would never win the war.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

My ultimate prize is God.  He is my portion forever. Whatever I am facing, He is there to help me along the way.  So, whatever your prize is, it could be an uphill battle that you cannot face.  Set your eyes on God and He can pull you through anything.

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