Kathy Griffin, a Disgusting Photo, President Trump and Mental Health

President Trump and Mental Health

President Trump and Mental Health

This week President Trump and mental health came face to face because of a disrespecting celebrity.  We saw a disturbing photo in the news and on-line of a beheaded President Trump.  Kathy Griffin’s “sick” photo of the decapitated head of President Trump shocked us all, whether you are a supporter or not.  I do not care if you hate his ever-loving guts or if you love every little tweet that comes from his finger tips – that was wrong!

Due to this heinous act by Kathy Griffin, President Trump and mental health became intertwined.  Trump indicated that Barron, his eleven-year-old son “is having a hard time” with the image that his son saw of his father.  That would be an understatement!  Studies over the years have shown that children are most vulnerable to mental health issues if horrifying images at home, in the media and the community are viewed repeatedly.  The effects are lasting, too. Adolescents may have reduced sensitivity toward others, have more aggressive behavior and be more fearful.  These same children who are exposed to such horrifying images early in life, can even have overly aggressive children as adults.

What can we do to improve our Mental Health?

“As our society becomes more intent on addressing mental illness and nurturing brain health, each of us can play a vital role by refusing to drink the poison. Don’t view or share violent images, stories, TV shows, films, or video games. Don’t censor– boycott. Be mindful of how witnessing violence and cruelty influences the human brain, and especially protect the developing brains of youth. I invite you to become a part of the village it takes to stop exposing our brains to violence and cruelty, and imagine a world brimming with respect, kindness, and compassion.”


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Donald Trump’s 11-year-old son has been left ‘traumatised’ by a sickening stunt.