Political Anxiety: Are You Succumbing to the Trump 15?

Political Anxiety = Gaining Weight?

There are quite a lot of excuses for gaining weight: first year at college, first few years of marriage, depression, studying for a placement exam, your ex and grief.  Now there is a political anxiety which is apparently causing our girth to expand.

Political Anxiety

Political Anxiety

Trump 15

I just recently read about the Trump 15.  But really you could call it 2016 Election 15 or Congress 15.  What it means is your flavor of politics and the stress that comes with it is causing you to gain 15 pounds, give or take a few.


You may be cheering for an ass or trunk, it doesn’t matter.  The American Psychological Association discovered our stress levels are rising higher and quicker than they have in a decade.  59% of Republicans and 76% Democrats want to escape reality.

Political Anxiety

Political Anxiety

Tipping the Scales

There is evidence that the stress of politics is encouraging people to eat and drink excessively.  This includes the heated debates over Facebook with your brother-in-law, political grandstanding in the break room over whose party is more competent, nightly shouting matches with the anchor man/woman over the latest political upheaval, or Tweet this (insert derogatory word to the opposing party)!

More Americans are involved in the political process/government wrangling today.  This in turn raises the stress meter just like talking with your ex on the cell phone about changing the pick-up time for the kids.  Now you have entered into the realm of stress eating.  The extra calories consumed begin packing on the pounds.

So if your pants are a little snug or your favorite swim suite appears as if it has shrunk, blame Congress not the pizza and chocolate milk shake you just ate for lunch.

Political Anxiety

Political Anxiety


Are your pants a little snug, Trump 15 Fan or Hillary 15 Fan?  Do you believe this to be true?  Leave me some comments down below or email me.  lifeconquering@gmail.com

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