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mental health speaker brochure

Mental Health Speaker Brochure

You will find the Mental Health Speaker Brochure is at the link below this paragraph. Please take a look at the information I provide on mental health. On the second page of the brochure, you will find examples of the groups of people and events I speak at, as well as topics.

I would love to schedule a date and time to discuss the specifics of the LC Talk (Life Conquering Talk). Also, I welcome your input on what you want discussed at your event. Email me at

Mental Health Speaker Brochure
Mental Health Speaker Brochure

Your Decision could have a HUGE Ripple Affect

You can’t imagine the impact you could have in someone’s life by hosting a LC Talk. Your efforts of booking me for a LC Talk could go a long way with a “shy” student in your class who actually has anxiety.

Maybe your beat partner on the force has undiagnosed PTSD and you sit helpless watching how it is crippling him on the job and at home.

mental health speaker brochure
mental health speaker brochure

Maybe there is a teenager in your church’s youth ministry who is being bullied. He can’t escape it. He experiences it at school, on social media, and on the bus. You may not know this, but he has been contemplating suicide.

Mental Health Statistics

I am sure you have your own scenarios you could share, too. Truly think about your corner of the world and how you, along with a LC Talk could impact so many people. Although someone may not have a mental illness, they could learn how to relate to someone with a mental health challenge as well as find a new understanding about mental illness. A boss could decide on a NO stigma environment in the office!

You need to make a decision before someone in your world becomes another statistic. And I am not necessarily talking about suicide here. However, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.

Or what about another statistic that is affecting your world? This could be the individuals with undiagnosed depression. (The stat for suicide in untreated depression, is 20%.)

What about your daughter who you suspect is showing signs of bipolar disorder? A huge statistic represents a large amount of people with undiscovered severe mental illnesses, who get into trouble with the law. When the person is arrested, instead of getting the help they need for the mental illness, they spend time in jail. In a study, 75% of the 66 imprisoned individuals with bipolar disorder were manic when they committed the crime.

Your Job Today…

Your job today is to think about who will benefit from an open discussion on mental illness. Is it your 8th grade science classroom, your daughter’s softball team, the guys at the local firehouse, your office at work, a retreat, or an event at church? Do any of these groups need to hear the truth, not stigmatized opinions?

Next, look at the brochure and think about the needs of the people within your group. Email me at After that, I will send something to you that is similar to a survey. Your answers to these questions will help me to prepare a LC Talk that is created just for your group.

mental health speaker brochure
mental health speaker brochure


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