Building our Mental Health Muscles

enjoy the earth - building mental health muscles

Let us start off our weekend with Building our Mental Health Muscles.  I like to read famous or not-so-famous quotes that relates to my mental health story.  And then see how my bipolar life fits inside the meaning of the quote.

Building our Mental Health Muscles

I wake up every morning torn between the desire to save the world and to enjoy the world.  This makes it hard to plan the day. – E.B. White.

(I could picture Carrie Fischer saying this very same thing during her mania while she was still with us.)

save the earth

save the earth – building mental health muscles

Enjoying the world in the 2000’s

When I read today’s, Building our Mental Health Muscles, I was taken back nearly 18 years ago to the first 10  years of the new millennium.  I just graduated college.  I jumped into the working world as as a teacher for about half of that particular decade.  Finally I was engaged and subsequently married in 2006.

Every day in the 2000’s,  my life mirrored something similar to Ms. White’s quote above.  I enjoyed the world way more then I tried to save the world.  My bipolar 1 was in full swing.  My life was colored in mania for most of those 10 years.  There were moments of quite introspection and depression.  But they didn’t last all that long! The next second after a depressed mood, I was go, go, go!


There was something inside the bipolar which transformed me.  It finally brought me out of my shell in some ways. I rode along the fastest train of life ever.  I enjoyed every hill and corner with glee!  Have I become a different person due to the mental illnessYES!  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

enjoying the earth

enjoying the earth – building mental health muscles


Email me with your thoughts on E.B. White’s quote.  Does it make sense?  Did you enjoy it or save the world?  How does this relate to either your mental health or a challenge or weakness in your?


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