A Mental Health Day from Work is Calling Your Name

mental health

Mental Health Day Request

Just recently Madalyn Parker made a big splash in the news with her request for a mental heath day from her boss.  He replied by saying thank you for helping to reduce the stigma regarding mental health.  The story immediately went viral.

Obviously, not all bosses are as compassionate.  Most employees believe if they took a mental health day, they would feel as if they were playing hooky.  Still other employees feel they should be throwing up or have a fever of a 110 ℉.

On the flip side, there are employees who take a mental health day and still do not feel any better.

Why do I need to take a Mental Health day?

Reflect on why you need to take a day away from your job.  Can you identify any problems at work?

How will I spend my day?

You need to choose how you will spend your day away from work wisely.  Being completely inactive all day is the wrong decision.  If you are depressed, laying in your bed all day from sun up to sun down will only make things worse.  Try to get some exercise.  The natural light and movement of your body along with getting fresh air will help you feel better.

mental health

Mental Health Day

In what ways will taking a day off help me?

If you are already overwhelmed at the office and decide to take a day off, the insurmountable feeling of a gigantic weight on your shoulders will multiply.

Instead look at it this way, think of the day off work as a long-term investment.  You have a chance to recharge your batteries for the upcoming projects.  You could also make it an organization day to help you clean out clutter.

In what way will I continue to care for myself?

You need to build up your mental muscle.  Think of it this way, if you want to lose weight and get a lean body, you work out more than once.  Thus one day of self-care will not make you mentally healthy.

Mental Health

Mental Health Day

Consider the following questions:
  1. Do I need to schedule an appointment with a therapist?
  2. Should I look for a support group?
  3. What about scheduling play time for yourself each week?
  4. What should I say to my boss?

Not all companies agree with supporting the mental health of their employees.  If you divulge to your boss you are taking a mental health day, it could help break down the barriers of stigma.  But, it may not be well-received.

When considering taking a mental health day, determine your openness by your boss’ personality and the company’s policies.


What are your thoughts on taking a mental health day?  Do you take any days for your mental health?  Leave me a comment below.

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