Little lamb born in the manager


On that starry night, one star out-shone them all, leading a caravan of curious shepherds to the manger where the babe slept peacefully in His mother’s arms.  The rest of the world slumbered too, not knowing God wrapped in human flesh came humbly into the world.

A destiny like no other

This was no ordinary baby.  Of course all new mothers think theirs is special.  But this baby had a destiny like no other.  Jesus would fulfill over 300 prophesies that predicted His birth, life, death and His resurrection.  This was the promised Messiah.  The One who would heal the sick, bind up the broken hearted and take away the sins of the world.  This is King Jesus.

The little baby, sleeping in the manger was to grow up and become the perfect sacrifice which would put an end to all sacrifices.  No more bloodshed after the priceless blood of Jesus was shed on our behalf.  So the little lamb in the manger is at peace for the true sacrifice that will satisfy the penalty for our sins was born that starry night.

Going Further

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