I was INVITED to write for PSYCH CENTRAL BLOG – Mental Health Discoveries

Psych Central Blog - Mental Health Discoveries

I was invited to write for Psych Central Blog writing team.  Psych Central Blog is well known in mental health circles.  This is an extremely important blogging job for me.  I am currently NOT getting paid to write for them.  However, I was told by the founder of Psych Central Blog if I bring a steady large flow and comments from readers, they will consider paying me.  I truly hope it comes quickly.  My husband has given me until September 2018 to make the amount of money we need from a second income.  If I don’t, I may have to quit Life Conquering,  That makes me very, very sad.

Psych Central Blog

Psych Central Blog

The link to Mental Health Discoveries Blog

My blog of which I have complete control over is called Mental Health Discoveries.  Here is the link to Mental Health Discoveries on Psych Central Bloghttps://blogs.psychcentral.com/discoveries/

Thank yous are in order

There have been so many key people in my life who have cheered me on in my journey with Life Conquering and my writingIn no particular order, I am thankful to the following people who supported me in  many various ways to communicate: maybe by writing a comment on LC, whether by in person at a coffee shop, on the phone, possibly a text, a message or social media.

Psych Central Blog

Psych Central Blog

It is difficult for me to write, stay organized and know what day of the week it is.  I need an assistant!  LOL!  Some days I may be overwhelmed or another day I might be fighting narcolepsy, hallucinations, crazy up and down moods, self-destructive thoughts or catalepsy. You never know just how much words can have a positive affect on you until you need them directed toward you.  But the only voice I’ve been hearing is my own negative voice saying “just quit” “you are not going to make it as a writer”.  Then these wonderful people come along to lift up my spirits.

Psych Central Blog

Psych Central Blog

My incomplete list of people who support my writing

James Romine

Glenda Baker Pierce

Holly Pierce

Wendy Whitaker

Aunt Anna and Uncle David

Jennifer Choate and the Women’s Ministry at Southeast Christian Church SW Campus Louisville, KY

Rebecca Turner

Shane Thomas

Andrea Lynn Jones

Beth Patterson

Julie and Don Adair

Karen Lynn Melett

Miss Debbie Dunn

Becky Burton

Trisha Moats

Hannah Grace Gibson

Jerry Wayne Copass

Melody Mason Hornback

Andi Sparrow

Lynn M. Clarke

Cathy Duty Mitchell

Patrice Branstetter

Bruce Ashmore

Melody Macek Hevron

Carrie Schnaughnessy

Victoria Gigante

Lisa Vincent