Coronavirus: 4 Activities You can do to Fight against Pandemic Insanity


Ever since the coronavirus appeared in China, the news has been saturated with all kinds of details that have not stopped.  Each time you watch the news, more people are added to the county, state, or country’s list of positive tests for coronavirus.  Then when you go to the grocery store, aisle after aisle is wiped out.  Since people are afraid of a pandemic or worse, they get greedy and start grabbing all the toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer their shopping carts can hold. 

During the coronavirus hype, many shelves in grocery stores are completely wiped out.
empty shelves

My trip to the grocery store with my husband felt like the middle of the Depression around 100 years ago.  I was in awe at the empty shelves.  No, I wasn’t upset or fearful that my husband and I and our two dogs would suffer.  I place my faith in God Almighty. 

But what I did think about, was the single mom or dad taking care of their children.  And the grandma who is taking care of her grandkids.  I can only imagine the fear and anxiety they have mounting in their body and settling like a 20-pound bowling ball in their stomachs.  “What if mom or dad get sick?  Who will take care of the kids?  Who will take care of the parents?  What will happen to my children if I die? How will I get back to work?”  The questions swirling around in their minds are left unanswered.

so many questions

And the unsettling thing is, they probably won’t be answered until the coronavirus is eradicated. 

Now, I can’t answer your questions and I can’t find the last roll of toilet paper in aisle eight at the drug store for you.  Instead, I can share with you a few activities you can use to ease the burden of anxiety and fear brought on by the coronavirus.


I encourage you to do the first thing in the morning – pray.  Pray for good health for your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors.  College students need prayer, too.  And pray for athletes like Donovan Mitchell who tested positive for the coronavirus.  Mitchell turned a horrible situation into a blessing by giving a sizeable donation to the part-time people working for the NBA who have been laid off. 


Pray for wisdom and discernment for health professionals. Our economy is resilient; will not tank because of this pandemic. Pray also for our government to be able to work together for the country and not themselves.  The upcoming presidential elections need prayer.  Whoever is re-elected or elected as President of the United States could easily have a recession on their hands.

Limit your time engrossed in the reports concerning the coronavirus

coronavirus prevention

All last week, our governor had a news conference at 9 a.m. EST.  He gave updates on the number of people who tested positive and negative.  Gov. Beshear reminded us that we are a team.  Team Kentucky.  That everybody needed to pull their weight and make the right decisions.  When you go to the restroom, be sure to wash your hands for more than 20 seconds. This will greatly decrease the chance of getting the virus.  Stay 6 feet apart from other people in public.  Use hand sanitizer.  Whenever you are around other people, you must cover your mouth when you cough. 

News conference updating us on the coronavirus.
news conference on coronavirus

In all honesty, I think it was a great idea to hold the news conference to give us new information.  However, after so many minutes of being saturated by coronavirus reports, my OCD would kick in as well as my anxiety and fear. At this time, my mind goes to the “what if” phase.

Try not to focus on the “what ifs” surrounding the virus

There are already people in my home state who have recovered from the virus.  Yes, there will be people who will pass away from it. Although, there is hope that not everybody who contracts the illness will end up as a fatality.

What if…

You can obsess all day over “what if” scenarios.  Where will that get you?  In the bathroom calling Nelly on the porcelain telly.  There are 1,000s upon 1,000s of what-ifs.  If you spend all day wondering “what if”, then your children and your spouse will get neglected and annoyed.  Your responsibilities will not be met and the people who rely on you will be disappointed.  Work will not get done and your boss will be breathing down your neck.  And you will be unbearable to be around.  When you act like this, people will need more than 6 feet to get away from you.  Maybe the next county?

6 feet distance


This is a shout-out to Governor Andy Beshear. He was recently elected as the governor of Kentucky. Even though he is a democrat, in my opinion, he is doing a really good job. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed and anxious he maybe. Gov. Beshear is a father to a nine-year-old and a ten-year-old. So, he has the responsibility to not only protect his family but to us here in the Commonwealth. From the beginning, he has been professional. The Governor is making a difficult situation as bearable as it can be. He would make a terrific teacher.

Anyway, breathe. I was listening to his news conference this evening on WDRB. Just taking a breath in and out. Slowly. Methodically. Close your eyes. Try not to think about everything that is making you anxious.

What now?

It all boils down to making the best decision for yourself and your family.  Local, state, and federal governments are all attempting to make the best decision for their constituents.  Things will eventually get back to a “new” normal. Will there be people who will look back and criticize those very same decisions?  YES!  Of course.  You might even judge yourself very harshly. 

Right or wrong decision? Only you can determine that answer at the end of the situation.

The bottom line, stay informed with just the right amount of information.  Soon the knot in your belly grows, your head starts to pound or you feel detached from the world. That is when you turn off the TV, shut down the laptop, and put away the cell phone.  Be in continuous prayer for the situation.  And throw off the “what ifs”.  Those what-ifs will only eat you alive. If you try to do these four activities, it will not make the world go back to normal at the snap of a finger.  At the same time, I know you will feel more at ease concerning the situation. And more capable to make the right decisions.  I know I have.

Call to Action

Do the right thing. Pray. Don’t listen to the what-ifs. Monitor your TV input. And breathe.

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