Blasting News! Article Published: Trump and Mental Illness


Dear Life Conquering Family,

My 5th Blasting News article got published with Blasting News Sunday night.  Please visit the link below to learn from my Blasting News article how Trump’s mental health evaluation by the people of the nation is negatively affecting mental health.  I know it has affected me in a negative way.  My paranoia increases and I think strangers know my “dirty little secret” and are judging me.

Please share the link with friends and family of my Blasting News article.  My goal is to get to 1,000 readership of all my articles by the end of the year.  We can do it!  I am currently in the 70’s.  I need you to help me reach my goal by simply clicking on the link below and checking out the article.  Thanks in advance for your help!




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