Bipolar Roller Coaster in Mother-Daughter Relationship Has Sweet Ending

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A Mother’s Day on Thursday

After having my own bipolar roller coaster on Mother’s Day, I spent the day with my mom for her day on Thursday.  We had a fabulous time together.  We ate, we talked and went to three different bookstores.  It was everything she wanted to do.  

During our time together, we talked about all kinds of things. We chatted about my sky blue Mustang (which was our chariot for the day), our church, dream interpretations as well as everything between

Bipolar Roller Coaster in Mother-Daughter Relationship

I soaked up her words of encouragement, too.  I basked in her love.  I am so glad that I could spend the day I did with her.  It amazes me that she would want to be with me after the bipolar roller coaster we have had in our mother-daughter relationship.  We had teenage runaway attempts, times I put up tall, thick walls to separate us, plain silence and of course the usual relationship issues.

Knowing the past I had with my mother, made yesterday all the more sweeter.  There is always a reason for everything under the sun – even a teenage runaway.  I have learned a great deal about life and love and friendship by watching her example.  

Bipolar Roller Coaster Smoothed Out by Mother’s Example

Over ten years ago, she took care of my father when he was already deemed a dead man by his years of alcohol consumption.  She continued to love him and take care of him until the very end.  Whenever I get frustrated in my marriage, I think about her grace she poured out to my father.  

Through my faith, I find great joy in life’s difficult circumstances. I may be looking at the face of death by suicide, making a life-altering decision or battling bipolar everyday.  Why do I find joy besides my faith in Jesus?  My mother was a fighter in pink boxing shorts and pink boxing gloves knocking out her own breast cancer.  I am amazed at her courage, grounded in her faith in God.

Over the years from childhood, I have seen friendships come and go for her.  She has had some great best friends along the way! They went through family situations together, medical issues as well as the good times like road trips and cruises.  Like her, I too have had my share of friendships that have come and gone.  My mom’s example of being a good friend has shown me how to be a friend myself.

Working Hard to Stop the Mother-Daughter Bipolar Roller Coaster

I love you, Mom!  Here’s to all the good times we have shared and have yet to share!

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Please email me about your relationship with either of your parents.  Can you relate to having a bipolar roller coaster moment or two even though you do not have a mental illness?

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