Anxiety – The Hammer that Breaks the Chains


U.S. Anxiety Statistics

In the United States, Anxiety Disorders affect 18.1% of the adult population.  That is roughly equivalent to 40 million adults.  However, the current estimates are indicating this number is almost doubled.  30% of adults do not seek help, are misdiagnosed or unaware of the issues they are experiencing.  If you battle with anxiety, do you know what to do for help?

anxiety relief tips

relief tips

My Battle with Anxiety

I deal with anxiety on an ongoing basis due to my generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety.  The triggers are varied and come often.  My morning could be going great then one of my triggers will set my anxiety off like a match to a pile of dry timber.

Suggestions to Soothe an Anxious Heart

Below are some of the techniques I have used to manage my anxiety:

  1. Medicines
  2. Talk Therapy
  3. Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  4. Support Group
  5. Self-Hypnosis
  6. Prayer
  7. Chanting a Montra

All six I have tried.  Some work well, others not so much.  I have learned over the years and just recently the simplest of coping methods are some of the best.

I am going to go in depth with two techniques that I use on a daily basis.

No. 1 Prayer

One morning as I was pulling into the parking lot at work, I was getting ready to pray one of my typical “Let my boss be late this morning” prayer, when God spoke gently to my heart through His Holy Spirit.  He said that He knew that I was anxious about my fear of failure and rejection.  He knew that I have battled these fears for all my life.

anxiety relief tips

relief tips

He showed me that I didn’t need to pray for Him to take me out of the situations that created fear, but to invite Him into the battle and allow Him to fight for me.

I began to pray, “Lord, let me sense your presence in a huge way in the midst of my anxiety during this situation”.  When I prayed that prayer, He showed up, and I felt His presence.  He didn’t always dowse my anxiety inferno.  What He did do was walk with me through the anxiety blaze.  The greater the heat, the greater I felt His presence.

When the flames burn high, I turn to Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  The NLT says it a little differently “The Lord himself will fight for you.  Just stay calm.”

No. 2 Montra

Just recently, I have been battling the fear of rejection more than I would care to admit.  I have a really close friend who also battles just like me.  I was going of the deep end one day and all he texted was: RELAX.  BREATHE.

It was crazy messed up how quickly I stepped away from the deep end when I said those two words.  Since he shared that with me, I use it all the time when I get wound up.  It is simple and easy to remember.

Which Hammer Breaks Your Chains of Anxiety?

With the list I gave you and the two suggestions I expounded upon, you should be able to use one of these as your go-to in an anxiety-provoked issue.  Or you can always research coping strategies on-line.  Check-out the websites below.

anxiety relief tips

relief tips

Call To Action

Do you know someone who battles this mental illness?  Remember from the beginning that about 30% of America is not even treated.  Share this blog with your friend of relative.  Point out the list.  You just might save a life.  Tell me about your experience by going to the Comments section.

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