Insomnia: The Search for the Cure

Good sleep hygiene

Is the Insomnia ending?

After a week of little sleep, today I slept in past 11 a.m.  I also took a nap that lasted for more than an hour.  This must have been my catch-up day on sleep since I had been experiencing insomnia earlier in the week.


Right now, I do not want to go to sleep. I am keeping myself busy so I don’t fall asleep on the couch and start snoring.  My snoring really irritates my husband.  But I would have to admit, I am enjoying the extra time during the day.  This insomnia has also taught me that I can do things like write late at night.  Before, it was shut-eye at 9:30 p.m.

I did have an aweful habit of falling asleep on the couch sometimes before 9 o’clock.  I believe the factor that kept me falling asleep early night after night, was doing nothing when I came home.  I am not a huge TV fan.  My husband on the other hand likes to watch it as a way to unwind.  We have over 400 movies so we have like our own Netfix.  The only difference is we do not have to pay or send the movies back.  Just push play.

The movie is playing in the background, the lights are turned down low and I am stretched out on our couch.  This smells of a recipe of sleep and sawing logs.  Ever since this sleepless week started, I have been busy writing.  I even excersised at night which I never do because “I am too tired.”

Paranoid Delusions

With the psychotic piece of my diagnosis, I have crazy delusions and parinoid thinking.  Right now, I believe there is a demonic clown under my bed and Russian spies with guns drawn hiding out in my closet.  I think part of what is propelling the insomnia is my paranoid delusions.  My irrational beliefs are keeping me from going to bed.

Insomnia makes a great Teacher

What I have learned from this insomnia is 1) I still need my sleep 2) it is important that I get enough sleep and 3) staying active at night will keep me from sleeping on the couch and catching up on my zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Going Further