17 Facts about mental illness which proves it is more prevalent

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Mentally ill people look just like you and me who have “normal” mental health, right?  But… I had not accepted that truth until a few years ago.  The first time I went to a Bipolar Depression Support Alliance support group, I was shocked at how normal those people looked.  There I was with one of the worst mental illnesses sitting in a chair trying to determine the difference between the mentally ill people and their family member. Let’s just say I sucked at that game.

You might not know that your mail carrier has PTSD; the barista at your favorite coffee shop has anxiety; the secretary where you work has depression; and the list goes on.  You might not think this is possible, then you need to read these 17 facts.

Here are 17 facts that prove mental illnesses are more prevalent in out society then we might have thought.  It is important for you to know and realize that mental illness is unfortunately growing.  As the science behind mental illness recovery and the medicines that are prescribed, more of the mentally ill will have the confidence to hold down a job; worship outside of their home; travel; have children; in other words, have an actual life.

17 mental illness facts

1.  61,500,000

The number of Americans who will experience a mental illness during any given year.

2.  $100,000,000,000

The economic strain on our country due to the untreated individuals with a mental illness.

mental health facts

untreated mental health

3.  70 – 90%

This is the percentage of individuals who are mentally ill who improved with some sort of therapy.

4.  800,000

The number of individuals who die by suicide globally.

 5.  25%

This is the percentage of mentally ill individuals who feel that others are compassionate or understanding to the mentally ill.

encouragement and support

compassion and understanding

 6.  350,000,000

The amount of people worldwide affected by depression.


7.  79%

The percentage of all U.S. suicides carried out by men.


8.  40,000,000

The adults in America who suffer from anxiety disorders.



9.  7.5%

The amount of college students who reported feeling depressed to the point where it negatively impacted their ability to function.


10.  22

According to a 2013 report by the DVA, this is the underestimated number of veterans who died by suicide each day.

veteran suicides

veteran suicides

11.  10%

The percentage of children and adolescents who were disrupted in their day-to-day lives by a mental and emotional disorder.


12.  3,500,000

The figure of Americans who suffer from schizophrenia.




13.  60%

The percentage of adults who didn’t receive mental health assistance in 2012.


14.  6,100,000

This is the number of bipolars who live in the U.S.



15.  21%

“The percentage of mothers polled in a recent Baby Center survey who stated they have been diagnosed with postpartum depression. Approximately 40 percent of them did not seek medical treatment.”


16.  5,200,000

The post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) adults who suffer with this disorder in a given year.



17.  7

“The number of people who die by suicide per hour in the Americas.”




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