‘Dancing with the Stars’ article on Blasting News

Dancing with the Stars Rumors

Dear Life Conquering Readers,

Writing about TV shows and getting published

I had my “DWTS” article published successfully the SECOND time I submitted it on Blasting News where I am a contributing writer.  This type of news is totally outside of my comfort zone.  The first time I submitted the article for publication, it was denied.  I am so thankful to the editors at BN to help me.

More articles like this

I would like to do more articles outside of mental health.  This will strengthen my writing muscle and get me more exposure to different genres.  So, don’t be surprised if I forward a published article about sports.

Dancing with the Stars Rumors

Dancing with the Stars Rumors


Please go to the link below and read the article.  The more people who read my articles the more successful I will be as a writer.  While you are on the site, take a second and click ‘FOLLOW“.

Dancing with the Stars Rumors

Dancing with the Stars Rumors



‘Dancing with the Stars’ latest gossip for Season 26


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