What is Next?

what is next

Another Christmas has come and gone.  Some of us are exhauted from all the shopping and other preparations.  While others are satisfied at another successful Christmas.  Still there are others who for some reason or another, have the ligering depression that comes with this supposed MERRY season.  So, what is next?

What is Next

  1. The good thing is that Christmas is over, now.  December 25th has come and gone.  You can breathe a sigh of relief.  No more family obligations. No more tempting food to fight against to say “No!”  No more embarassing work parties.
  2. As we look to turn the calendar to a new month and a new year, we can put those painful memories of Christmas’s past or the memories and bad dreams of the year that is about to end.  The important thing about what is next, is a clear head from all the bad junk and baggage from the holiday and the current year.
  3. A new year is just around the corner. What is next?  Open up your mind to the infinite possibilites that lie ahead.  So many exciting adventures yet to be experienced.  We get to start over afresh at the beginning of each year.
  4. I encourage you to try setting a few goals for yourself come January 1st. Goal setting is a great way to focus your energies on the things you feel are importatnt. Start small so you have  a greater chance to succeed.  You can always add more later.
  5. Do your best to look forward to a new year.  There may be some uncertainties in the upcoming year.  But, you have a blank canvas- ready to fill with your own brush strokes.  You have a say in where your life goes.  What is next?  Do you want to sign up for an adult ed class?  Do you want to learn how to ski?  Do you want to learn how to bake?  Do you want to start a savings account or an investment fund?  Do you want to rebuild a car?  It is up to you whether your dreams will come trure or turn to ash.

Stay Strong

So what is next, you say?  Too much to count.  I like to propel the negative vibes I may receive during the Christmas holiday toward the great unknown of the new year.  I pray that you will stay strong and not let the depression from the holiday shadows get the best of you.