Talking About the Birds and the Bees

talking about birds and bees

Talking about the Birds and the Bees

I have several friends and family who have little ones and not-so-little people around them.  They know talking about the birds and the bees will come up some day in the near future.  I thought I would do some research and give some practical information to those I love as well as the ones who read my blogs and social media.  Hugs to all.  Take what you want, leave what you don’t want.

Talking about the Birds and the Bees – Where to Start?

“Mommy, where do babies come from?”

“Daddy, what is sex?”

Have you been receiving these types of questions around your home?  How do you respond?  Your response will make a tremendous difference in your child’s sexual future.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, …25

The most asked question by parents is what age?  The majority of my most current research said the younger the child the easier to talk about such a sensitive subject.  No more “talking about the birds and the bees”!  Instead, you have little chats over the years of the child growing up.  You become the “One” your child will come too with questions.  As the questions flow, you can guide your son or daughter through the years of becoming a young man or young woman.

Below are Some Tips from the Experts

  1. Be yourself. Be natural.  If you do not know the answer, be honest and say I do not know and follow up with the correct answer.
  2. Limit your answer to THE answer – no long explanations.
  3. Teach your child the correct names for the sexual organs. The public library is a great resource for this.  Most experts agree by teaching children anatomically correct terms, age-appropriately, promote positive body image, self-confidence and child communication.
  4. Use everyday situations such as a pregnant woman as a teaching example.

Bottom line, relax.  You do not have to know all the answers.  Do you know what is much more important that what you know?  How you react to your child.  Try to convey to your child no question is a bad question.


Please leave comments below on your smooth as silk experience.  Any laughs?  We’d loved those, too!  You can always email me at

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