Stress Relievers – Square Breathing

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Many people have used square breathing as one of dozens of stress relievers. No matter what your stress level, you might be able to benefit from this very easy exercise to help get your breathing under control.

Kim has used square breathing as one of her stress relievers. With all of the responsibilities she has: getting the kids out the door for school, getting herself ready for work, walking the dog, soccer practice, PTA meetings, ballet lessons, date night, laundry…. It all just piles up. Using the square breathing technique is something simple and grounds her in reality.

Square Breathing

  1. In your surroundings, find something square. A TV, a coffee table, a door, a fence, a billboard, sidewalk, etc.
  2. Start your eyes at the top left corner of your square and move horizontally to the right while inhaling.
  3. Make sure your movements are slow along with your breath.
  4. Once you are at the upper right corner, move your eyes down while exhaling.
  5. Breathe in from bottom corner right to left.
  6. Next breathe out from the bottom left to top right.
  7. Continue doing this exercise, slowing down your breath.
  8. You can repeat several rounds or two-five minutes.
  9. You can start it over again if you feel the stress is coming back.
  10. You can even move your eyes in the opposite direction.

I really like this technique especially for work. Although I love my job, the job itself is extremely stressful. I can easily do square breathing because I have a monitor directly in front of me. Now I can begin square breathing without anyone knowing. My mind gets so focused on the breathing and eye movement that there is no space for the anxious thoughts. Love it!

If you use this technique to bring you peace and calm during a stressful situation, email me at or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter and let me know your experience with this one of many stress relievers.


Relieve Stress – 20 Quick Techniques by Katrin Schubert, M.D.

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