Stand Up for Yourself – You have the Power in Christ!

stand up for yourself

Standing up for yourself is often difficult.  We don’t always see how we are being put-down or pulled down.  Why is it so difficult to stand up for one’s self?  Whether you have bipolar, self esteem issues, an addiction habit that you can’t beat, unable to work, fired from your job, recently divorced, a parent of a teenager or just filed for bankruptcy, you do not have to allow the junk that comes with life to define you.  You are greater than your personal battles.  It may seem hopeless, but you can pull through and be successful in the face of adversity.  You can stand up for yourself.

For some reason it is much easier for someone to stand up for others who are being mistreated, abandoned, abused or controlled.  We can come to their assistance, wave a banner in their defense or lead a charge.  We encourage our loved ones to “Stand up for yourself!”  “Do not let this situation, issue or person get the best of you.”  But what about sharing those same sentiments with your own heart?  We need to take the advice we give to others and apply it to our own situation.  Whatever the issue you are going through, YOU have the power to stand up for yourself.

Bipolar Pulling Me Down

For a decade I have let bipolar define me.  I used the variety of symptoms that plagued me as a result of this mental illness to formulate excuses to say “no”.  I said no to friends, to my husband, to opportunities.  Instead of standing up for myself, I did not fight against the bipolar.  I chose to let the anxiety, the paranoia, the dellusions and depression hold me back.

Now I am climbing out of that pit and standing up for myself.  I am using the mighty power and the strength from Jesus to get me back on my feet and stand up for myself.  Becoming 40 last November was a HUGE turning point and has forced me to say “yes” to the things I used to say no to.  Jesus is walking by my side and helping me to stand.  He can help you, too.

I like to go to this mental health support group, Depression Bipolar Support Alliance.  Over the years, I have let the fact that the meeting was held at night detract me from going.  I have also allowed my social anxiety get the best of me.  Being incredibly afraid of crowds and meeting new people, I have believed it besst to stay away.  Just last year, I missed the opportunity to be on the board of directors and become a facilitator.  But, I am getting stronger.

I have been writing the monthlly newsletter for the support group.  I LOVE to write and I LOVE to write about mental illness whether it is bipolar, depression, OCD, ADHD or anxiety to name a few.  Writing this newsletter gives me a forum to share my thoughts and research, thereby educating and helping other people.  But I don’t pat myself on the back.  No!  Jesus helped me stand up for myself and say “YES!”

Below are some suggestions to stand up for yourself.  I hope that you can get some ideas for yourself from this list.

Standing Up for Yourself

  1. Pray.  I could not have written those newsletters if it weren’t for reaching out to Jesus.  I didn’t believe that I could do something like a newsletter.  I did not believe that people would read it and get something out of it.  In fact, I have had many people to approach me at the meetings and tell me how the newsletter helped them.
  2. Be assertive. Assertiveness helped me to stand up for myself.  Now assertiveness is not developed over night.  One must practice it in each situation where assertiveness is needed.  And there is a difference between being assertive and being a jerk.
  3. Learn how to say YES. Learning how to say yes to a fear is one of the hardest but most important ways of standing up for yourself. If you say “yes”, then you will be able to experience so many wonderful things.
  4. Practice standing up for yourself.  You can go through scenarios in your mind of times you needed to stand up for yourself.  Practice what you would say and how you would behave.  Ask Jesus to show you how to stand up for yourself.

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