To Understand Social Anxiety is like being Naked in Times Square

understanding social anxiety

Can You Understand Social Anxiety?

This example which follows is to help someone understand social anxiety. I hope it paints a picture for you of social anxiety and what it feels like in the rawest sense.

Imagine you are visiting a rich uncle who lives in New York City.  The two of you go downtown for some sight-seeing.  Your first request is to stop by Times Square. 

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

You and your uncle step out of the cab and begin walking across the street to have a closer look.  As the two of you are walking towards the famous flashing lights, one by one your clothes just fly off.  It is like an invisible person is ripping your clothes off. First he takes off your shoes and socks.  Then your New York Yankees long-sleeve t-shirt.  And lastly, your jeans and your undergarments peel right off.  

understanding social anxiety

“What the hell is happening!?” you shout trying to figure out if this is a dream or not. Your uncle along with everybody else are now staring at you in disbelief. Some people look appalled, while others are pointing and laughing, and everything in between.

Naked in Times Square or Social Anxiety

Have you ever had the dream of being in a crowd and you are suddenly naked?  Even if your answer is no, I think it is possible for you to imagine the feelings of someone with and ultimately understand social anxiety. Just like a person with this mental illness, the fear would drain your body from head to toe if you were standing on the street corner naked.

What would be the descriptors of your emotions standing in Times Square naked? Embarrassment, paranoia, judged, closed in, difficult to breath, overthinking, “what ifs”, panic attack, body shakes, tension, and possibly crying. These emotions spell out what it is like to have social anxiety and walk into a work party, give a speech, or accept an award in front of a large crow.

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

Is my example REALLY extreme?

I know the image of being naked in a crowd in order to understand social anxiety is extreme, but I wanted to get your attention.  What about the company’s receptionist who has social anxiety so bad that she eats lunch in her car after she has spent all morning surrounded by visitors at her desk? Or that kid who would rather fail gym class than face his social anxiety? Wherever they go whether it is work, school, a field trip, the mall, a party, church, or the grocery store, it is about as torturous as being naked in Times Square.

To help friends and family understand social anxiety, I explain my aversion to it through my experience at the grocery store. When living under the control of social anxiety, I often get anxious going to the grocery store. I didn’t want anybody to see me. Before I was sick, I was just the opposite – always looking for eyes to catch and my million dollar smile to flash at a stranger or a person with whom to strike up a conversation. Nowadays, it is much easier to look people in the eye and smile because I know that everything is going to be alright.

How do you understand social anxiety?

In this new era of mental health enlightenment, we are trying to show that people with social anxiety are real people.  They are not fabricating excuses, seeking attention, or trying to win an Oscar.  No!  We want you, our friends and family, to listen, be ready to change plans, and try to understand even if if it is difficult to do so.

Listen to us.  We know what we are talking about.  We have lived in this body riddled by social anxiety for years.  When your son says he does not feel like going to the sports’ store to pick out his gear for field hockey, do you instantly think he has a valid reason or is he lying because he just wants to stay home and play video games?  Why don’t you talk to him and see what is going on?  Communication is key when understanding social anxiety. 

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

My husband is pretty intuitive concerning my social anxiety.  Although I might not say a word, he can sense the tension in the air, the look of not-quite-terror on my face, or maybe it is how I am fidgeting.  He knows me well enough to ascertain from my non-verbal ques that I am not in a comfortable or secure place right now. Other times I just have to blurt it out. That gets his attention, too.

Be ready to change plans.  Many times with social anxiety, there is often a dual diagnosis such as social anxiety and OCD.  I have a multiple diagnosis with bipolar 1 mixed and rapid, ADHD, OCD, GAD, social anxiety, and psychotic features. Needless to say, it is sometimes difficult to make a decision and stick with it.  From the racing thoughts of bipolar mania, the inability to focus from ADHD, and the blanket of fear of generalized anxiety disorder, I might skip over the social anxiety warnings sounding off instead of siphoning out the the ques that point to the reason for this change.

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

For instance, I have plans this evening to meet a new friend for ice cream at Comfy Cow. We first met at Jake and Sam’s veterinarian clinic since she is one of the receptionists there.  Mania has kicked in this morning and I am already head over hills excited to meet up for ice cream with Sandy.  I have not had “girl time” in over a month. As the day progresses, the clouds of depression roll in and roll out the mania. That is when I feel “too tired to go” – my first excuse.  Or “I have too much work to do” – my second excuse.  Before the afternoon is over, mania takes over I will have changed my mind yet again.  Watching the clock count down, butterflies the size of penguins begin running around chaotically in my stomach. 

At 6:03 pm, I feel the walls closing in on me.  My heart is beating faster, my face is flushed. In 23 minutes when I will leave, my social anxiety will either take control, paralyzing me or I will push through and focus on the positives of the situation

Before I get in a tizzy over ice cream, I put my foot down and decide I want to spend time with Sandy getting to know her and her family. I also like to think about ordering a delicious fudge brownie ala mode at the Comfy Cow.  Chocolate can perk me up in half a second.

understanding social anxiety

You may not be able to understand.  At the very least, give it the ole college try!  I believe my husband had fought with being able to understand social anxiety on Sunday morning. He used to get frustrated now he laughs at my change of mind.  I was planning on going to a women’s Bible class at church or go to the church service since we missed it the night before. 

That Sunday morning, I began an exercise challenge.  My MO is usually letting my illness get the best of me and I make up some flimsy excuse why I didn’t work out.  So, instead of sleeping on the couch I sweated my butt off. 

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

It was established in my schedule to get a shower at 7:00 am.  Now getting a shower is very laborious for me.  It takes so much energy to take care of my personal hygiene and I do not want to forfeit my time away from writing that it gets overwhelming trying to do everything.

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

Sunday morning ended up being pretty momentous for me! I jumped over one major hurdle when I refused to sleep and instead I exercised.  Then, to immediately shower after my sweat session? Boy, was that another huge step for me.  Next, I dressed up.  I wore slacks instead of baggy-falling-half-way-down-my-hips jeans.  It felt so good to destroy another hurdle. 

When it was time to leave to go to church, I was celebrating on the inside these nods toward recovery.  These great strides I made was a bit overwhelming. I needed to unpack the thought processes before I lost my momentum. Instead of going to church, I stopped by Star Bucks instead to clear my mind and pray. 

understanding social anxiety

Going to Star Bucks allowed me to reflect on the morning’s victory.  Plus I was feeling overwhelmed about going to church by myself for the first time in nearly 13 years.  I desperately needed an emotional break from everything happening in such a short period of time and the frustration I had at home.

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

Does this make sense?  Do you understand?  If you don’t understand your friend, do NOT laugh at the situation or go off and rail on him/her because they changed their plans.  Ask questions to figure out what made your friend want to do something different than already planned.

Friendships, marriages, work relationships, and family are hard to maintain as it is without a mental illness thrown into the mix.  Do you want to understand social anxiety? You as a friend can help someone get through a social anxiety episode by listening and sometimes just keeping your mouth shut.  Hang with them while they are suffering through it.  If you pray, then quietly pray for them.

understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

Do you want to be a Super Hero?

If you stick by your friend through a rough experience with a social anxiety episode or even a panic attack, you will be a super hero to them.  Your calming presence might have a peaceful effect on him/her that nobody else has.  To reach a point of calm and peace is like nirvana for some people with this mental illness. As you may guess, it is also extremely difficult to find some one who cares enough to be a friend.

understanding social anxiety

Call to Action

You do not have to be the greatest living expert on social anxiety – just a super hero.  LOL! Just being a good listener has a farther reach then you spouting off facts.  At the same time, it won’t hurt to learn something so you CAN better understand social anxiety .  I firmly believe knowledge makes oneself more understanding in general.

Your call to action this week is to make it a point to seek to understand someone today. Come back and share in the comments section below or email me at


Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. You could say social anxiety is the fear and anxiety of being negatively judged and evaluated by other people. It is a pervasive disorder and causes anxiety and fear in most all areas of a person’s life.

Social Anxiety Fact Sheet | Social Anxiety Association › social-anxiety-disorder-definition-symptoms-treat…

Social anxiety disorder (also called social phobia) is a mental health condition. It is an intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. This fear can affect work, school, and your other day-to-day activities. It can even make it hard to make and keep friends.

Social Anxiety Disorder – National Institute of Mental Health – NIH › social-anxiety-disorder-more-than-just-shyness

If you are contemplating hurting yourself, click on this.


 understanding social anxiety
understanding social anxiety

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I speak about the topic I am most passionate about. My heart quickens whenever I hear, speak, or write about mental health outreach.  One reason is I have a mental illness.  Another reason, I know just how difficult it is to live with scrambled eggs for a brain.  

understanding social anxiety
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I have been living in this bipolar 1 body for over 20 years.  Therefore, I have first-hand experience of the roller coaster which includes manic and depressed episodes daily if not hourly, plus some psychoses so bad that I wanted to kill myself, and crippling social anxiety where I have not been able to go to leave my house.

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Mental Health Outreach Speaker

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