Rapid Thoughts: I MUST be Crazy – I see Penguins with Tutus

rapid thoughts

Rapid Thoughts

The rapid thoughts were already in full gear as I drove to work.  I was walking up the stairs leading to my office, all geared up for another GREAT day, when I thought to myself “I must be crazy.  No one else thinks like this.”  I chuckled and then like every passing moment of the day, my mind screeched on to another thought on a topic that is so different it is like putting a tutu on a penguin.

The Mind a Pinball Machine?

For as long as I can remember, my mind has had a mind of its own.  If you were to dissect my brain, you would find a pinball machine.  When a ball hits a wall or a lever called a “flipper”, a thought is drawn up.  When the ball comes through again, the thought is completely different.  Now I do try to listen to my thoughts.  I get a good laugh at times and others I just shake my head.

I caught you! I know exactly what you’re thinking!  You are thinking (as a “normal” person) “well my thoughts jump from subject to subject and I’m not bipolar”.  I get that.  But what I am trying to describe to you is something like that, but to the “nth” power. Rapid thoughts are a pinball machine ziping its ball around ALL day at warp speed.

Flight of Ideas

Rapid thoughts in bipolars comes during mania and it is called flight of ideas.  This is where I get so wound up that my mind is going to explode with all the ideas coming into my head.

The funny thing is the thoughts will become words.  I will be talking with my husband and my tongue catches a ride on the “crazy thought train”.  When that happens, I begin to talk faster and faster and change subjects more than Cher changes wigs at a Las Vegas show.

Take Your Thoughts Captive

In I Corinthians, Paul talks about taking your thoughts captive and giving them to Jesus.  I am trying again to do just that.  I am trying not let my mind speed around the pinball machine unleashed.  I will:

1) stop my thinking;

2) clear my thoughts of any debris;

3) I will pray;

4) I will recite scripture and

5) I will meditate on God’s Holiness and Power.

My Texas friend, who I miss immensely, and I used to meet up at one of the 105 Starbucks in the area.  We would talk about life and the ups and downs that go with it.  We would also memorize scripture!  I hate to say that I have gotten out of that habit since she left.  But now with a renewed sense of getting to know the Lord, I am ready to study and memorize His Word.

Rapid thoughts or not, taking your thoughts captive is doable.  If you do not have a Bible, go to Google and type in God and blessings or God and love for example.  You will see several types of scripture from any version of the Bible and any language with whatever subject you typed in.

I also have a link to Pioneer Bible Translators, https://www.pioneerbible.org/.  On this website, you can get encouragement for reading God’s Word by reading the articles that shares how churches and people all over the world use scripture to take theirs mind captive.

If I am beginning to memorize scripture, and I do it the old fashioned way.  I write the verse and where to find it on an index card.  I carry that index card with me everywhere and get it out when I take my mind captive or whenever I get a free minute to memorize.

Email Me

If you want to take your mind captive, try memorizing scripture.  You can put the scripture on your smartphone or tablet, too.  Email me about your experience!  I would love to hear.  lifeconquering@gmail.com

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