Rapid Thoughts: I MUST be Crazy – I see Penguins with Tutus PART 2

rapid thoughts

Rapid Thoughts is HARD to Capture

How have you been doing with taking your rapid thoughts captive?  I have been trying to take my thoughts captive and handing them over to Christ, BUT IT IS SO HARD!  I don’t know if it is hard for you, but I have been really struggling.

The Reality of Taking Your Thoughts Captive

What happens most of the time is my mind will relax and I will think about everything but the kitchen sink.  My thoughts will tumble out of my head like the end of a Jenga game.  Or, I do not notice one single thought.  I am so far out in space that I don’t remember what solar system I am in.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new Christian or have been in the church for sometime, I would venture to guess that taking thoughts captive and giving them to Jesus can be difficult for you, too.  Whether you experence rapid cycling or just scattered thoughts, wrangling them in is one thing.  It is another thing to give them to Jesus.

When I first posted Part 1, I was having an easy time taking my rapid thoughts captive.  I would be mindful of what I was thinking about and not let negativity permeate my thoughts.  When it came time to turn the thoughts over to Jesus, I would talk to Him about the captive thoughts and that would be it.

The thing of it is, I found myself noticing the thoughts and changing their direction, but I was not actively giving them over to Jesus.

Life is hard.  Life is harder without Jesus.  I have been having a real difficult time with staying focused.  It has affected my job and my listening skills have gotten worse.  I used to balk at going to church because of the people due to my social anxiety.  That is better, thank God!

Inability to Focus

Now, I can’t stay focused at church.  The last time we were there, my husband and I sat outside the worship center that way I could walk to keep myself moving.  I had to keep moving in order to listen and pay attention to the sermon.  Now, did I ever go to God and pray for His help?  No.  I had the situation under control.  I could have stopped and talked to Him, give the inability to focus over to God and sit back, watched and waited for Him to pour His love on me.  But I didn’t.

Situations like that really grow me.  God lovingly shows me what I can do the next time.

Email Me

What about you?  Are you going to God first before anyone else in situations that arise which are hard for you?  I would love to hear about your testimony.  Email me at lifeconquering@gmail.com.

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