Rapid Cycling Bipolar

Rapid Cycling Bipolar

Rapid Cycling Bipolar Symptoms

Today was a trying day. I was experiencing rapid cycling bipolar at work. Rapid cycling bipolar is when you cycle through the two poles of bipolar, depression and mania, very quickly. For me it is one minute I am up and the next, I am down. I was struggling to function at my job, I was unable to do my work because I was too depressed to do it. At the same time, I wanted to walk out and go home. I was almost in tears! Both of these examples would be symptoms of depression. Later on, I was like my usual self, working at lightning speed to get tasks completed, thoughts were racing and a wave of energy came out of nowhere and I was ready to stay late and get some work done. I guess the good thing about rapid cycling bipolar is I do not stay at one pole for too long.

Reaching out for Help

The depression I was experiencing took over my mind and I was frozen in time, unable to do my work. I reached out to a friend via text during my depression and she reassured me that I was just lacking the motivation. In that one text, she reminded me that it wasn’t me, it was the bipolar that was screwing with the chemicals in my brain. I prayed to God to help me through it. He came through and my depression subsided. When I was manic enough to think I could stay after work to continuing working, God reminded me that the work could keep until tomorrow. I had done a lot of good work today. He also reminded me that I need to get rest and spend time with James since our 10 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I love having the help from friends when I experience something like rapid cycling. I also love having a direct line to God to ask for help.

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