Panic Attack at Work – One of My Worst Experiences

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I have mentioned before that my job is very stressful.  And I mean on the level of panic attack stressful.  I am the only employee for a well-respected Louisville attorney.  I am his secretary, paralegal, office manager, bookkeeper, file clerk, runner and medical records clerk. I do it all.

I do love my job.  Every day is different.  Heck, every hour is different.  I enjoy my job because the tasks are varied and they take dissimilar amounts of time to complete.  In a way, this type of job helps my bipolar symptoms.  It keeps me from getting bored by not doing repetitive tasks all day.  Also, it keeps my mind engaged by constantly moving me from task to task to task.

Panic Attack Triggers

Although with my bipolar, some of my job tasks can be hard to complete.  By hard I mean, the tasks induce anxiety, trigger mania or depression or set off my ADHD and OCD.  The wave of the mental illness symptom will rise up like a tidal wave and come crashing down on me.

On a Friday afternoon, my boss was out-of-town. During that afternoon, my work load instantly increased in a matter of minutes.  I had been working very diligently to get caught up with my tasks while my boss was away.  But the thing is, more work kept coming in as I crossed another task off my to-do list.

Suddenly, as I was sitting at my desk fear washed over me.  My breathing became shallow, tears came to my eyes and I began to hyperventilate.  I struggled to get my breath under control which only made it worse.  My eyes shifted back and forth wildly to ascertain if anyone was around.  I wiped my eyes and put my head on my desk.

Once the panic attack got under control, I thanked God for being with me during my horrible experience.  The best thing about Jesus, is He is with me — no matter the hour or day of the week.  I can’t expect for my support system to always answer when I text.

Help for Panic Attacks

It is easy to get out-of-control upset when you have a panic attack.  What has helped me is prayer, deep controlled breathing, attempt to take my mind off the fear by thinking about things that make me happy or I just clear my mind.

The next time you have a panic attack, try going to God first. He will never fail you or leave your side.

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