My Niece – How Much do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways!


My Niece – Who’s that Girl?

I was really having a shitty morning.  The boss was “displeased” with me all the way from Florida for something I was not responsible for and I felt like I could do nothing right.  Then, the clouds parted and the sun began shinnning down on me.  I had lunch with my mom and my niece, Emily at Panera Bread.  I have not seen my niece in I can’t tell you when.  She has grown up so fast!  She is finishing her sixth grade year and she looked 15!


She is SO beautful!  Her hair is no longer blue.  LOL!  ( BTW, my hair was orange a few months ago!  LOL!)  Emily’s hair is now two-toned, blonde and brunette.  And did I tell you it was long?  I was mesmerized when I first laid eyes on her this afternoon when we met at the restuarant.  Then when she started talking, I was even more mesmerized!

A Baby Niece Steals My Heart

I remember the summer after Emily was born.  She was sick a lot because of all the runny noses and coughs she was exposed to at daycare.  I was off that summer and spent every second I could just to be with her.  It was me, Emily and the booger buster against the world!  I thought I was in love with my niece then, I am even more in love with this amazing young lady!

Over lunch, I discovered that she is brilliant, funny, an animal lover, a good friend, interesting and well spoken amongst all the other attributes that I was soaking up while I sat next to her at the table.

The Amazing Joy of Parenthood

Seeing her strength as a young woman, it is easy to think about having my own little girl or boy.  I see all the pictures of my friends’ and familys’ children.  My first thought is one of overwhelming fear of being a parent.  Then I meet, as if for the first time, a niece of my own blood, and I see the joy that having a child would be.

Bipolar and Pregnancy

Being diagnosed with bipolar was a death sentence for me and my husband having children.  I would have to stop all meds since they all affect a developing fetus.  My bipolar, before I was diagnosed, was off the charts crazy.  It frightens me to think that something could happen to me or the baby before, during and after the pregnancy.

Do not be sad for me and my husband.  We have other ways of sharing our love.  I hope I am able to share my love to my niece, Emily Madison.  Or Emer Mady, the name I called her when she was a baby.

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For those of you who are involved in a young person’s life, email me and share with me your experiences of love you have shared.

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