TRUMP: Mentally Ill = Twisted Monsters

mentally ill twisted monster
It is the end of another week; a week where “Twisted Monsters” who were purported “mentally ill” took the lives of others into their own hands. The difference between this week and other weeks of the summer is the fact there are families and friends mourning the senseless deaths of someone they loved.

I have had plenty of time this week to sit and think about the horrible happenings that have rocked our country for the umpteenth time. My laptop crapped out on me on Monday and it was just fixed Friday night.

My musings on my unexpected free time brought me to the conclusion that I agree there must be something done about the mass shootings in America. BUT we must move forward with TRUTH and not rhetoric.

Mentally Ill Twisted Monster

I thought we were supposed to be a melting pot, not a three-layer salad?

I sat on my couch Monday morning as I worked, stunned at what I was hearing on the news. Anxiously I awaited to hear the President’s address to the nation on the bloody massacres that interrupted lives over the weekend. At 10 am EST, I listened intently and took notes.

Mentally Ill Twisted Monsters

Mental health law reform was discussed along with gun violence legislation. A push to identify the mentally disturbed who may be a future mass shooter who will inevitably cause a tragedy. The end results: the death penalty.

I was saddened when President Trump spoke about the El Passo shooter as if the President were a psychiatrist and was combing through the shooter’s psych records. The President basically lumped all the potential mass shooters into two categories: mentally ill and twisted monsters.

The rest of the day, I listened to the news off and on with a heavy heart. Did he really mean to say that? Commentators and congressmen and women spoke as if the final nail of the coffin was pounded into destiny when they eluded to mass shooters being mentally ill.

One Bright Shining Star of anti-Rhetoric

There have been tons of books written across the decades profiling vile offenders. Tall, short, white, purple, radical, isolated, narcissistic, sexually abused…and the list continues.

Prior to the President’s speech, I listened to an interview with Dr. Lina Alathari who is the National Terrorism Center Assistant Chief of the U.S. Secret Service.

Mentally Ill Twisted Monsters

I was amazed how Dr. Lina Alathari spoke with immense knowledge that goes way back in history with trails of investigations, research, and experience. She didn’t hem and haw saying “according to Dr. Psychiatrist…” whose theories were tainted with political rhetoric and no evidence-based. data

NO! Dr. Alathari spoke about the information that had been tested and retested over the years. No rhetoric here.

In the interview, the Assistant Chief stated, in my opinion, the most important piece of information that needed to be shared on ALL news stations. Dr. Alatharai said there is no one motive in these mass shootings. You have shooters from all different kinds of ideologies, backgrounds, work, abuse.

Mental Illness Twisted Monster

So, if the U.S. Secret Service can deduce from their enormous bank of evidence that there is no one defining characteristic in mass shooters, then why are we calling the mentally ill “Twisted Monsters”?

A Snapshot of Mental Illness Twisted Monster Stigma in the Work Place

Work is one of the major places where a mentally ill (MI) person feels the stigma of their bosses and their coworkers and maybe even clients/customers. “The majority of individuals with serious mental illness express the desire to work, yet their employment rates are estimated to be 22%, with little more than half of that percentage working full-time.”

The forced silence, alienation, inability to perform the job to the utmost best, afraid of being fired…must I go on? A person with a MI wants to work! But these variables keep them from earning a proper wage which matches their skills.

It is difficult to find full-time work a person is able to achieve. Many individuals who fall into this designation need more breaks than what is allotted. I know I definitely need more breaks.

Mentally Ill Twisted Monster

I have worked in the education sector, advertising sales, and as a law office support staff. After I left the last full-time job I had in a law office, it has been difficult to find work let alone retain it. I was not fired from that position. I was unable to handle the stress of the job as an office manager even though I tried numerous calming and de-stressing techniques, so I put in my two weeks.

Your Death is Sealed

Writing for a couple of blogs on MI along with updating social media makes it really easy for an employer to find me on Google and make a snap decision not to interview me because I have a serious MI.

Mentally Ill Twisted Monsters

When the phone and email stayed silent, I kept telling myself I was over-qualified having a Master’s Degree in K-12 Principal Certification regarding the jobs I applied for.

I felt like a failure.

But, I know the real reason and it is because I have a MI and because of my health situation, the world thinks I am a Twisted Monster. And that’s okay. I am doing what I love to do – mental health outreach which includes advocacy and destigmatizing.

The MI in this country have enough problems as it is with stigma and downright hate to have a name piled on such as Twisted Monsters from our political leaders.

Are Mentally Ill really Twisted Monsters?

How many of you reading this blog has a mentally ill friend? Depression, ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety? Do you see your friend as a twisted monster? I have friends who are mentally ill and they are some of the sweetest people I know.

Mentally Ill Twisted Monsters

I believe President Trump did not mean that ALL mentally ill people are Twisted Monsters. He is just like the rest of the America population who are ignorant of the facts, listens and believes the rhetoric from Capitol Hill. Thinking without knowing. Speaking without fact-checking.

People naturally fear what they do not know. I have former friends who have gone their own way because they were leary of my illness. Fear took the driver’s seat instead of truth.

Also, people talk in general terms way too often. Somebody can be mentally disturbed, but NOT have a mental illness. Vice versa. Somebody can have a mental illness but NOT be mentally disturbed.


Fox News Chanel Monday, August 5, 2019 morning news

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I speak about the topic I am most passionate about. My heart quickens whenever I hear, speak, or write about mental health outreach.  One reason is I have a mental illness.  Another reason, I know just how difficult it is to live with scrambled eggs for a brain.  

Mental Health Speaker
Mental Health Speaker

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  • your part – how can you decrease stigma in your world?
  • proper accommodations in the workplace/academic setting, (brainstorm in small groups various ideas to help people with a mental illness feel comfortable at work/school);
  • are schools preparing MI students for what awaits for them at the job site?  Why/why not?
  • famous people with mental illnesses (who do you know?  How has that celebrity impacted or hindered the fight against stigma?  Speak honestly about celebrity suicide);
  • how to talk with your boss, teacher, mentor, spouse, friend and children about your mental illness (brainstorm ideas);
  • the pros and cons of abusing the accommodations that are/should be afforded to you at work or school.  (discussion in small groups); and
  • share with them my brush with suicide as a middle school student and as an adult.  (open up for discussion).
Mental Health Speaker
Mental Health Speaker


I have been living in this bipolar 1 body for over 20 years.  Therefore, I have first-hand experience of the roller coaster which includes manic and depressed episodes daily if not hourly, plus some psychoses so bad that I wanted to kill myself, and social anxiety where I have not been able to go to church.

Mental Health Speaker
Mental Health Speaker

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