Mental illness stigma torn down with your help

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Mental Illness by the numbers – staggering

One in five adults or 40 million Americans have a mental health disorder.  Out of that number, 56 percent do not receive treatment.  76 percent of youth with severe depression have no or insufficient treatment.  26 percent of homeless adults in shelters have a serious mental illness.  African American and Hispanic Americans use mental health services at one-half the rate of Caucasian American and Asian Americans.

mental illness

mental illness

These statistics are overwhelming.  People need to be educated on mental illness.  The stigma of having a mental illness needs to be demolished.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar, I had no idea what it was going to mean for my life to have a mental illness.  Many people believe it is a death sentence.  No, I did not believe that.  Not at all.  With my Christian faith, I believed it was a life sentence to bring light into a very dark world – someway, somehow.

On the way to a mental illness ministry

God spent oh about seven years after that original diagnosis whispering in my ear the beginnings of a ministry.  Yep!  You bet, I ignored Him.  I made excuses.  I tried to put off the conversation for another time.  I told him how I was the last person for this job.

Over those seven years, it took an expensive KAPLAN course to prepare for the LSAT; the circus of actually taking the LSAT; preparing for the GRE; applying for grad school a second time; being rejected by the School of Education at the University of Louisville; and a paralegal course.

In the fall of 2014, God softened my heart and I dropped my guard.  After I allowed God to talk to me about His plan with listening ears and an open heart, I prayed a lot and meditated on this idea of a ministry and being the leader of said ministry. I finally got the courage to tell someone about my God-given dream.  I remember talking with my husband about this calling from God one day after lunch.  He shared with me the information he knew about starting a blog since he had experience in this area.  I soaked it all up like a dry sponge.

Life Conquering Ministries Blog

Life Conquering Ministries Blog

The more I prayed to God about this ministry he had laid at my feet, the more the excitement mounted in my heart.  Once the blog was up and running, social media and email accounts established, I was ready to launch the Life Conquering ministry for mental illness.

The Memoir

I knew I wanted to write a book based on my experiences with bipolar 1 in order to encourage and to tear down the walls of stigma.  Soon after the blog was started, I began researching what I needed to do to write a memoir.  Between building a platform and setting up an editorial calendar, I learned a bunch and knew I had just as much work to do.

Every book and writing website warned me that it would take a long time and a lot of hard work to get to the point of publishing a book.  But I was up for the challenge.

I knew I was on a mission to encourage people with mental illnesses.  My mission also included tearing down the walls of stigma.  So, it became very important to me to get the word out about mental health to friends, family and people around the globe.

I have spent the past three years working tirelessly to fulfill the mission of Life Conquering.  This has been done with bipolar mixed episodes, depression, no motivation, migraines, narcolepsy, ADHD and work so stressful that at the end of the day, I would be reduced to nothing.  Is it all worth it?  YES!  I love what I do.  I look forward to what the future will be for Life Conquering.

mental illness

mental illness

A call to action

But the future for Life Conquering is here!  I am a contributing author for The Mighty and Blasting News and a guest writer.  I have waited a VERY long time to see this day come.  I cannot build a platform without you.

What can you do to help the ministry of Life Conquering?  Here are some ideas.  You can pick just one of the following or all!  Your choice.  I would love the support in any way.