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If you are on this blog, Life you are a mental illness follower.  To be a follower on this blog, all you need to do is have a mental illness or support someone with a mental illness or you can be an individual who is interested in learning more about mental illlness.  Whoever you are, I appreciate you being a part of this effort to take the mission of Life Conquering out into the world.  The mission is to encourage those who have a mental illness as well as educate those who don’t thereby tearing down the walls of stigma.  Thank you for being with us on this ride.

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Mental Illness Blogging

Mental Illness Blogging

Getting Published on Mental Illness and other topics

Well, it has been nearly a month since I posted an actual blog on mental illness.  I have been busy writing articles and getting them published.  I shared them with you on this blog.  It was a mix of mental illness topics as well as sports, lifestyle and news.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Just like everybody else, I have a lot to do on my plate.  That is good for me.  However, I want to be better at producing regular blogs, too.

I recently published another article on The Mighty.  A big thanks to a high school friend who gave me the information.  Here is the link:

How the ‘Send Silence Packing’ Exhibit Is Raising Suicide Awareness on College Campuses

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