Mental Health Warrior – Words to live by, standing strong in your own fight

mental health warrior

Mental Health Warrior Words to Live By

“I fight for my health every day in a way most people don’t understand. I’m not lazy. I’m a warrior.” –   You do not have to be a mental heath warrior to know what it’s like to be a warrior in the trenches.

I’m a Warrior, too!

To whom are you standing strong against – wielding your sword, battling it out 24/7?  Cancer?  A sick child?  A sick parent?  A lost job?  A betrayal?  A divorce you didn’t want?  A war on foreign soil?  Going to college for the first time?  Getting married?  Being accepted by your peers?

Whatever your fight is, you are a WARRIOR, too!  Go ahead, say it out loud: Whatever My fight is, I am a WARRIOR, too!  Again.  Whatever My fight is, I am a WARRIOR, too!  Whatever My fight is, I am a WARRIOR, too!  Whatever My fight is, I am a WARRIOR, too!   You’re doing great!  Are you getting the hang of it?  The above quote may be about mental health, but the truth is we all have a warrior in us somewhere fighting something.

Believing I am a Mental Health Warrior

I do not always believe I am a mental health warrior.  I bet some of you are like that, too.  You get to the end of the day when you are all alone even though you are surrounded by family and friends when the last thing you feel is a warrior.

What I do in the midst of the tears and aching heart, I wait for the warrior feeling to show up.  Sometimes it takes some heavenly persuasion to get me to accept that I am a warrior even with bipolar 1 and psychotic features.  Pray helps a lot!


Share with me about a time when you felt like a warrior or when you did not feel like a warrior.  How do you conjure up those warrior feelings?  You may put it in the comment section below or email me at

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