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Last week, I posted an article about the brain on Mental Health Discoveries Blog which can be found on This is one of the other blogs I write for concerning mental health.

In the article, “Is Our Brain Indestructible like Superman?”, I spell out how the brain has been put on a pedestal to the point where society cannot believe, for example, a chemical imbalance could possibly cause depression. Our brain is comprised of individual cells which join together to make tissues which join together to make an organ. The brain is an organ of the body just like the lungs or the spleen.

From time to time, I will get a comment from a reader on Psych Central who has completely different views than me. This article I am sharing with you, in this post, was no exception. The reader mentioned chemical imbalances had never been scientifically proven. She kept suggesting topics for me to write about – one topic was about the United Nations refuting what I believe about mental illness. No thank you!

Mental Health Discoveries Blog

People like this gal is one of the reasons I write. When wrong information gets into the wrong hands, you have a perfect storm of stigma and ignorance. That “storm” can do a lot of damage to what we know about mental illness as well as hurt a lot of people. This lady showed me her true colors I do not want other people to believe that a mental illness is not real because I know it is real.

This week, depression has been as real to me as my two hands in front of my face. I could feel the loneliness dragging me under water almost to the point of no return. The deep ache of depression in the pit of my stomach hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt horrible, like I would if I had the flu. BUT…I had zero physical symptoms. It was the most bizarre feeling I have ever witnessed. I just laid around with the awareness like I was on my death bed.

Mental Health Discoveries Blog

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I hope you will enjoy reading the article (link is below), “Is Our Brain Indestructible like Superman?” on Mental Health Discoveries on Psych Central. Please feel free to make any comments you would like.

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